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Congress’ emergency move darkest era in Indian politics: Kavinder

JAMMU: Decrying Congress party for destroying the democratic institutions by imposing emergency in 1975, senior BJP leader and former deputy CM Kavinder Gupta said that 21-month period between June 25, 1975 and March 21, 1977 was the darkest era of the Indian politics showing dynastic mindset of the oldest political party in the country.

Addressing a programme in connection with observing Black Day on the anniversary of imposing emergency by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi held in BJP Office here on Saturday, Kavinder said that the move of the Congress party showed its authoritarian mindset and firm belief in dynastic politics which is still harming the nation by one way or the other. He said that the present day Congress leadership has not changed a bit and is having a dictatorial frame of mind though the cosmetic changes have been made to fool the electorate.

The senior BJP leader said that morally Congress has no locus standi to question BJP’s policies because BJP is working for the downtrodden and the marginalized sections unlike the Congress which stood for the elite and the rich.

Recalling the dark era of emergency, Kavinder said that at the age of 13 he along with 13 other members of his family were jailed during the emergency. He said that veteran Congress leader Dr Karan Singh was the part of the then Cabinet headed by then PM Indira Gandhi. He also criticized the then President of India Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed who allowed imposition of emergency by signing the document in the middle of night at 3 AM and showed no spine to question this unwarranted decision.

Kavinder said that today, the entire nation is standing shoulder to shoulder with the pro-people policies of PM Modi and there is no doubt that the BJP will come to power again with high margins at the Centre in 2024. He said that the country is witnessing progress as never before and this is the reason that people are fully satisfied with the incumbent government and waiting for the chance to once again give a chance to BJP to steer the nation to pinnacle of development, peace and prosperity.

Meanwhile, Kavinder Gupta also welcomed the decision of Supreme Court for giving clean chit to PM Modi in Gujarat riots case.