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Jammu & Kashmir Youth Congress Launches ‘Mera Pehla Vote for India’ Poster Campaign to Mobilize Youth for Upcoming Elections

Jammu, 06-11-2023 : Jammu & Kashmir Youth Congress Launches “Mera Pehla Vote for India” Poster Campaign to Empower New Voters Jammu & Kashmir Youth Congress is delighted to announce the launch of its “Mera Pehla Vote for India” poster campaign, aimed at inspiring and guiding young voters who have recently turned 18 and are eligible to cast their votes. At a press conference held today, Mr. Aakash Bharat, the President of Jammu & Kashmir Pradesh Youth Congress, highlighted the pivotal role that the youth plays in shaping the future of our nation. He emphasized the significance of their votes in electing a government committed to the welfare of the people.

Mr. Bharat expressed concerns about past governments that he believes have not prioritized the needs of the youth, citing instances of job losses, pension cuts, and economic challenges. With the Lok Sabha elections scheduled for March 2024, Mr. Bharat stressed the urgency of motivating and guiding new voters to select a political party that will work towards a brighter future. The poster campaign “Mera Pehla Vote for India” is the brainchild of Jammu & Kashmir Youth Congress and seeks to engage with first-time voters, aligning them with the values and principles of the Indian National Congress. The campaign is set to be rolled out across all districts and assemblies, aiming to empower the youth and encourage their active participation in the electoral process. The press conference was attended by notable members of the Jammu & Kashmir Youth Congress leadership, including Vice President Divyansh Singh, Jammu HQ incharge Ricky Dalotra, State spokesperson Rahul Tandon, General secretary Anirudh Sawhney, and Social media convenor Tanveer Singh.

This campaign represents a vital step in promoting youth engagement and ensuring that the voices of the young electorate are heard in the upcoming elections. Jammu & Kashmir Youth Congress is dedicated to building a brighter and more promising future for India through the active involvement of its youth.