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J&K Forest Department organises 2 day Orientation Programme for newly trained Assistant Conservators

JAMMU, DECEMBER 03: The J&K Forest Department organized a 2- Day Orientation Programme for the ten newly trained Assistant Conservators of Forest, who joined the department after completing induction training at Central Academy for State Forest Service, Coimbatore.

Speaking at the inaugural session, the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests & HoFF, J&K Forest Department, Dr. Mohit Gera, welcomed the participating officers after successfully completing a two-year induction course. He elaborated the significance of training in shaping the forest officers and how different aspects of training will be of help while working in the field. He explained in detail how the attitude of an officer plays a vital and guiding role in performing any duty in a befitting manner.  He exhorted that since the UT of J&K has a vast forest area of 20194 sq km, the young forest officers have a greater responsibility in protecting the forests as they are going to serve for more than 30 years in the department.

Dr. Mohit Gera also drew their attention towards the myriad of challenges that the officers may face in the field while acting as soldiers of ecological security. He exhumed the officers to work hard and diligently and assured them that their good works are recognized and acknowledged by senior officers, administration and all sections of society. He asked the young officers to be ready to bravely face the conflicts that may come up while discharging their field duties.

PCCF asked them to work with full dedication and diligence to enable the J&K Forest Department to establish its unique identity. He interacted with young officers and few officers narrated their experiences during their training period at CASFOS, Coimbatore. Finally, he wished the young officers Good luck in all their future endeavours.

The CEO CAMPA, Sarveh Rai said that all the forest officers are actually resource managers, as nearly half of land in the UT of J&K is with the Forest Department, where 42 types of forests exist, which is highest in the country. He also emphasised that forest officers have to safeguard the interests of the people who dwell in and around forest areas after consulting panchayat members and should focus on increasing the production of those species which are in demand by the locals to fulfil their bonafide needs for forest produce.

The APCCF, Jammu, B. M. Sharma discussed the glorious history of J&K Forest Department. He drew the attention of the officers towards the paradigm shift in the forest policy from Production Forestry to Protection Forestry. He explained various acts and legislations and the judicial activism that are shaping the forest sector in the country. He informed the officers that the major challenges in the Jammu region are protection of forest boundaries against encroachments and Biodiversity and habitat protection. He also exhorted the officers to develop interest in some particular field like legal matters, biodiversity issues, Climate Change, etc., besides discharging their duties diligently.

State Forest Service officers underwent a two-year induction training at Central Academy for State Forest Service, Coimbatore. Their training included all the prescribed components viz-a-viz theory and practicals of all the forestry and wildlife subjects, field exercises for preparation of working plan, road alignment and wildlife census techniques, all-India tour components morning PT and evening games apart from various short trainings and modules.

The programme was organized by the Working Plan wing of the forest department. Earlier, APCCF Working Plan Research & Training, J&K, Sandeep Kujur welcomed  the new officers and briefed them about different programmes and activities of forest and sister departments.