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Namrta slams Govt for breaking spine of common people by imposing heavy taxes, hiking toll plaza rates

JAMMU, 27-03-2023 : Namrta Sharma, President Women Wing Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Jammu and Kashmir has accused the LG Administration of leaving no stone unturned in breaking the spine of the common people by imposing tax after tax on them despite living in miserable conditions due to wrong policies of the Govt. She said that as if all this was not enough that now the Administration has given yet another blow to the people by arbitrarily hiking toll plaza rates.

In a statement issued to media here today, Namrta Sharma said that the BJP Govt at the Centre as well as its proxy Govt in Jammu and Kashmir have failed miserably on all fronts with the people feeling it quite difficult even to fetch a square meal a day.

“The price hike and inflation have crossed all the limits and the common people can’t afford the essential commodities. It is really an irony that rich are growing richer and the poor becoming poorer and it would not be wrong to state that the present BJP Govt is for the rich, of the rich and by the rich thus throwing the democratic principles to tatters,” she added.

The senior woman leader of AAP, while accusing the BJP Govt of being just a Jumla Govt, said that with eight years of its governance no money has been brought back from Swiss Bank, the doubling of farmers income still continues to be a distant dream so much so that not a single promise made by the BJP in its manifestos has been fulfilled by it and instead it continues to befool the people every day with its false narratives. However, the people have understood the BJP’s game plan and they will teach BJP a lesson in the upcoming 2024 Parliamentary elections as well as in J&K’s impending Assembly elections whenever held, she added.