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Ravinder Raina Clarifies BJP’s Decision on Kashmir LS Seats: Focus on Collective Goals and Patriotic Alliances

BJP's Kashmir Conundrum: Strategic Decision-Making and Support for 'Patriotic' Forces in LS Elections

Jammu, 20-04-2024 : The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has defended its decision not to field candidates from three Lok Sabha seats in the Kashmir valley, citing strategic considerations and a broader goal. Ravinder Raina, the chief of the Jammu and Kashmir BJP, stated that decisions are sometimes made to achieve significant objectives, emphasizing support for “patriotic” parties committed to the region’s welfare and peace.

Addressing a press conference, Raina clarified that the party, under the leadership of national president J P Nadda, is finalizing its strategy for the Anantnag-Rajouri, Srinagar, and Baramulla constituencies. He urged people to reject the Congress, National Conference, and PDP, stressing the importance of larger regional interests.

Raina’s remarks came ahead of a high-level meeting attended by Union Minister Jitendra Singh, national general secretary Tarun Chugh, and other party members. While expressing the BJP’s desire to contest from all three seats in Kashmir, Raina underscored the prioritization of collective goals over individual interests, aligning with parties dedicated to Kashmir’s development and communal harmony.

Although specific candidates were not identified, Raina assured that the BJP would soon reveal names after consultations with Nadda and central leaders. He expressed confidence in the eventual success of candidates supported by the BJP, citing the party’s robust organizational structure across Jammu and Kashmir.

Raina referenced Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s recent rally in Jammu, where he called for rejecting the Congress, National Conference, and PDP, accusing them of perpetuating a legacy of strife and underdevelopment in the region. Tarun Chugh echoed similar sentiments, framing the electoral contest as a choice between Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for a liberated Jammu and Kashmir and the dynastic parties’ exploitative governance under Article 370.