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Samba administration organizes Weekly Block Diwas outreach program at Purmandal

SAMBA, NOVEMBER 01: The District Administration Samba, under the leadership of Deputy Commissioner, Abhishek Sharma on Wednesday hosted the Weekly Block Diwas meeting at the BDO Office in Paramandal.

Block Diwas, a platform designed to address pressing community concerns was attended by ADDC, Rajinder Singh, ACD, Siddharth Dhiman, SDM Vijaypur Rajesh Kumar and other district officers. The collective presence of these officials signified the utmost importance given to addressing the issues faced by the community.

The primary issues that took center stage during this Block Diwas event were related to water, power and road infrastructure. The concerned departments were given strict directives to take immediate action to resolve these concerns.

The District Administration acknowledged the urgency of these problems and left no room for delay in their resolution. One of the most remarkable aspects of this event was the swift response and efficient problem-solving demonstrated by various government officials. Many issues were resolved on the spot, showcasing the commitment of the administration to serve the public and ensure their well-being.