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Shiv Sena accuses BJP of serving its own interests, not caring the common people

Jammu: BJP has once again proved that it has no concern with the common people of Jammu, its political reach only means to benefit its own interests and business friends, even if the cost is to put the lives of common people at risk, this is the allegation of Shiv Sena (UBT) Jammu-Kashmir unit chief Manish Sahni.
In a press conference held today at the party’s state central office, state chief Manish Sahni said that not lifting the road between Kunjwani and Narwal on pillars on the Delhi-Katra Expressway and canceling the decision to build a blind wall, is putting the lives of the common people at risk and giving an open invitation to accidents.
He said that with the mere apprehension that the construction of the blind wall would affect the business of some BJP leaders and their favourites, many senior BJP leaders became active and the decision to construct this blind wall was canceled by ignoring the safety of the general public. Sahni said that even before this, blind walls have been constructed in many areas on the Jammu-Kashmir National Highway.
The safety of the general public was given importance by ignoring the objections of the affected people. On the other hand, about 2 dozen families in the Warehouse and Nehru Market of Jammu are forced to live in dilapidated residential quarters declared unsafe by the JDA, risking their lives. This building was declared unsafe by the PWD in 2012. Despite the passage of a long period of 12 years, no alternative arrangement has been provided for these families.  Sahni said that the people of Jammu division had given a historic victory to the BJP in the 2014 assembly elections and also made the BJP candidates victorious in the 2019, 2024 Lok Sabha elections, but whenever the people of Jammu faced problems, the BJP never paid any attention. Jammu got nothing but deception and disappointment.
On this occasion Gen Secretary Vikas Bakshi and Vice President Sanjeev Kohli were present.