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Weekly Block Diwas: DC Rajouri holds Public Outreach Camp at Block Moughla

RAJOURI, NOVEMBER 01: In a proactive and community-oriented effort to address the concerns of the public, Deputy Commissioner Rajouri Vikas Kundal today presided over a highly successful public outreach camp in the Moughla block.

The event served as a platform for constructive dialogue, where both the public and their representatives raised a diverse array of issues, including the much-needed macadamization of roads, need for the upgradation and adequate staffing of government institutions, addressing the issue of scarcity of water and the augmentation of healthcare infrastructure, among other pertinent topics.

Specific demands raised during the event were road from Boman Gala to Potha Gala, road from Kanchi Morh to Simbal Gala, repair and renovation of different GMS Buildings, road from Simbal Gala to Loha Khater, provision of Electricity poles, upgradation of playground at Methayani etc.

Government officers also seized this opportunity to impart valuable information about various district-level schemes and programs being implemented to uplift the community, urging the public to actively engage and avail themselves of the benefits offered.

The Deputy Commissioner reiterated the commitment of the District Administration to provide quality essential services to people at their doorstep. He expressed heartfelt gratitude for the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders in achieving the objectives set by the government and encouraged them to persist in their hard work for the betterment of the common populace.

Moreover, Deputy Commissioner Vikas Kundal reassured the public that their grievances and concerns had been meticulously documented and that a staged approach would be adopted to address genuine issues, with the relevant departments playing a pivotal role in resolving these matters.

An essential facet of this event was the emphasis placed on raising awareness among the public about the various government schemes and programs. The Deputy Commissioner underscored the importance of ensuring that the people were well-informed about these initiatives so that they could effectively benefit from them, promoting overall community well-being.

The Deputy Commissioner has provided a firm assurance to the public regarding the road concerns spanning from Boman Gala to Potha Gala, as well as from Kanchi Morh to Simbal Gala. He has directed the concerned authorities to expedite the preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) to swiftly address these issues and ensure their timely resolution.

In response to the pressing demand for staff at the Harichuma sub-centre, the Deputy Commissioner directed the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) to promptly and effectively address this issue without delay.

With regard to the road concerns in Harichuma and Treru, the Deputy Commissioner has directed the concerned Executive Engineer (XEN) to expedite the preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) without any further delay, underscoring the urgency of resolving this issue.

Furthermore, the issue pertaining to the PDD sector was raised, and in response, the Deputy Commissioner has instructed the concerned Executive Engineer (XEN) to actively pursue the matter within the RDSS Scheme, emphasizing the importance of addressing this concern promptly. Regarding the forest clearance issues for the development projects, the Deputy Commissioner assured that he will take up the matter with the concerned authorities.

During the public outreach camp, the local community expressed their appreciation for the commendable efforts of the district administration in implementing the schemes under the Jal Jeevan Mission, recognizing the significant impact and positive changes brought about by these initiatives.

In addressing the pressing issue of staff shortages in schools, the Deputy Commissioner has issued a directive to the CEO of the Education Department, emphasizing the need for a systematic staff rationalization to meet the growing demands. Likewise, concerning the shortfall in staff within the Health Department, immediate and efficient measures have been instructed to promptly resolve this matter.

The Deputy Commissioner not only reassured the public but also reaffirmed that delivering piped water connections to every household in the district is the paramount focus of the administration through the Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM). He  emphasised that the administration is relentlessly working towards making every possible effort to achieve this vital objective.

Throughout the event, swift and decisive actions were taken to address some of the issues on the spot.

The Weekly Block Diwas, held at Moughla block, marked a significant success with the discussion and resolution of numerous public issues. This direct engagement with the community was met with high praise, as the public appreciated the Block Diwas initiative and commended the tireless efforts of the district administration in finding practical solutions to the concerns they raised.

This initiative has proven to be an effective platform for fostering direct interaction between the general public and district authorities, resulting in enhanced satisfaction and more efficient service delivery, embodying the commitment of the Government to the welfare of its citizens.

Among the others who attended the event were the DDC Member Moughla, Shamim Ahkter; BDC Moughla; Surekha Kotewal; ADC Sunderbani, Vinod Kumar Behnal; CPO, Mohammad Khurshid; ACD, Vijay Kumar; ACP, Sheraz Chowhan; DPO, Auqil Nuvaid; EXEN PDD Rajouri, Mohd Rashid; EXEN Jal Shakti Nowshera, Vipin Kumar and other district and sectoral officers.