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17-Year-Old Cyber Expert Trains Police Officers at Sher-e-Kashmir Police Academy Udhampur

Jammu, 18-02-2024 : Risheek, a young prodigy at the age of 17, has already made significant strides in the field of cyber security. Recently, he conducted hands-on cyber security training at the Sher-e-Kashmir Police Academy in Udhampur. During the training sessions, Risheek delved into topics like cyber security in governance, investigation methods, and live demonstrations of cyber attacks.
The training sessions were attended by Deputy Superintendents of Police (DYSPs) and Inspector-ranked officers from various parts of India, including Jaipur, Tamil Nadu, Bhopal, Chandigarh, and Jammu and Kashmir. Risheek’s comprehensive approach and in-depth knowledge left a lasting impression on the attendees.
At the valediction of the course, Risheek was honored with a memento by the Assistant Director of the academy, recognizing his invaluable contribution to the training program. The positive feedback received by the academy’s director further underscores Risheek’s impact and effectiveness as a cyber security trainer.
Despite hailing from a modest background in a village in Jammu and Kashmir, Risheek’s passion for cyber security has propelled him to remarkable achievements. As the founder of Jammu and Kashmir’s first Cyber security company and the world’s youngest Cyber security entrepreneur and trainer, Risheek’s dedication to advancing cyber security awareness has earned him recognition and honors in various forums and organizations.






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