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About Us


About Us


The Bold News is an English news platform, founded in early 2017. It’s a daily newspaper published from Jammu, (Jammu and Kashmir) India with a  mission to serve the community with independent, honest, and dignified journalism both in print and digital media.

The is the digital platform of the  English newspaper ‘Bold News’. Internet today, with increased broadband penetration, has made it possible to reach a large section of the society through written and visual material that too with much lower costs than print and electronic media.

Our platform covers news, editorials, and features majorly on various national and international affairs, political developments, and local news. Moreover, the website also provides updates on sports, travel, technology, entertainment, weather, lifestyle, etc. Our editorial policy can be defined as independent, courageous, and progressive.

Our fearless pursuit of truth comes with the objective of bringing to our readers and audience unbiased narratives that make a difference. Moreover, we aim to play a pro-active role in the dissemination of information which affects everyone directly or indirectly.

Our scribe of writers and professionals work in a committed manner to instantaneously post news updates for our readers. Our content is available on our mobile app, social media, and website.