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Amit Shah Slams Opposition’s Boycott of New Parliament House Inauguration

25-05-2023 : The opposition parties were criticized by Union Home Minister Amit Shah for their choice to skip Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s May 28 opening of the new Parliament House. He characterized their position as a disrespect to the people’s mandate. Instead of taking part in the celebration of a new democratic emblem for an advanced India, Shah expressed his unhappiness with the opposition’s involvement in petty politics.

According to Shah, the construction of the new Parliament House was a result of the people’s desire for a stronger democracy, where discussions and deliberations on important matters could take place. He emphasized that the opposition’s actions undermined the trust and support given to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had been elected twice with a clear majority.

Prior to his comments on the Parliament House inauguration, Shah distributed appointment letters to 44,703 candidates who had secured government jobs across various departments. He highlighted the positive changes brought about by the Modi government, particularly in the state of Assam. Shah praised the development initiatives led by Modi, which had transformed Assam from a place of unrest and armed struggle to a region of progress and opportunity.

Shah mentioned the challenges faced in government recruitment in the past, citing a lack of transparency and a biased selection process. He credited Modi for introducing a transparent system that prioritizes merit and eliminates nepotism. This system allows talented individuals from any background to obtain government jobs, breaking the trend of favoritism and ensuring that deserving candidates are selected.

Shah emphasized the Assam government’s efforts to carry out its commitment to provide one lakh government jobs to the youth in reference to a promise made by Himanta Biswa Sarma during the 2021 Assembly elections. He declared that the government would keep its pledge to deliver an additional 14,000 jobs in the coming months after having previously given work to about 86,000 young people in less than two years.

Shah’s remarks emphasized the positive changes made by the Modi administration, particularly in terms of transparency in government hiring and the promotion of merit-based opportunities, and denounced the opposition’s decision to skip the Parliament House inauguration as a disregard for the will of the people.