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ASSOCHAM J&K Council Delegation Meets JKTPO: Exploring Investment Initiatives for Economic Development

ASSOCHAM J&K Council Delegation Holds Crucial Meeting with MD JKTPO, Mr. Khalid Jahangir

Jammu, November 14: A delegation from the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) J&K Council, led by Mr. Manik Batra, Chairman of ASSOCHAM J&K Council and Director of Batra Group, recently met with Mr. Khalid Jahangir, Managing Director of Jammu & Kashmir Trade Promotion Organization (JKTPO).

The delegation, which included Mr. Bhupesh Gupta, Co-Chairman of ASSOCHAM J&K Council and Managing Partner of Hotel Radisson Blu Jammu, and Mr. Amit Khajuria, Assistant Director of ASSOCHAM J&K, Ladakh, discussed various issues related to trade promotions and explored initiatives to attract investment in Jammu & Kashmir.

The meeting, held at the JKTPO office, provided an opportunity for ASSOCHAM and JKTPO to collaborate on strategies aimed at boosting trade and economic development in the region. The delegation expressed its commitment to fostering a conducive business environment and leveraging the potential of Jammu & Kashmir as an investment destination.

Key highlights of the meeting included discussions on trade promotion initiatives and the exploration of innovative programs to attract investment to Jammu & Kashmir. The delegation, with its wealth of expertise and industry insights, engaged in constructive dialogue with Mr. Khalid Jahangir, MD JKTPO, Mr. Imran Mehmood, Financial Advisor, and Ms. Megha Boagia, General Manager, JKTPO.

Mr. Manik Batra, Chairman of ASSOCHAM J&K Council, emphasized the importance of collaboration between the private sector and government agencies to drive economic growth. He highlighted the role ASSOCHAM plays in promoting trade and commerce and expressed the council’s commitment to supporting JKTPO’s initiatives.

Mr. Khalid Jahangir, MD JKTPO, acknowledged the valuable contribution of ASSOCHAM in promoting economic development and discussed the organization’s plans to facilitate trade and attract investments to Jammu & Kashmir. The meeting concluded with a shared commitment to ongoing collaboration and the implementation of strategic initiatives for the benefit of the region.

The interaction between ASSOCHAM J&K Council and JKTPO marks a significant step towards fostering partnerships that can positively impact the economic landscape of Jammu & Kashmir. The collaborative efforts aim to create a conducive environment for businesses, promote trade, and attract investments that will contribute to the overall development of the region.