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B R Sharma, Chief Election Commissioner Felicitates JKAS Candidates of Chanakya IAS Academy Jammu Centre

Felicitation Ceremony at Chanakya IAS Academy Jammu Recognizes Top Achievers in JKAS 2022

Jammu,  October 01, 2023 : In a momentous celebration of academic achievement and dedication to public service, the Chanakya IAS Academy Jammu hosted a felicitation ceremony for the outstanding candidates of the Jammu and Kashmir Administrative Services (JKAS) examination. This event, held at the prestigious Redission Jammu, brought together distinguished guests, accomplished candidates, and renowned educators in a grand gathering.

A total of 110 students from the Chanakya IAS Academy Jammu center achieved success in the JKAS 2022 examination, with an impressive presence of 4 candidates ranking in the top 10. Among these high-achieving individuals were Mr. Saurav (Rank 2nd), Akshay Parihar (Rank 3rd), Aditi Singhal (Rank 7th), and Anie Vaid (Rank 9th), alongside other accomplished candidates. This remarkable feat showcased the academy’s commitment to nurturing talent and guiding aspirants towards a successful career in civil services.

The felicitation ceremony was graced by the esteemed presence of Chief Guest Mr. B.R. Sharma, a distinguished bureaucrat holding the position of Chief Election Commissioner in the state. Mr. A.K. Mishra, the Managing Director of Chanakya IAS Academy, a renowned figure in the field of education, also attended the event alongside other dignitaries. Mr. Owais Ali Bhat, the Director of Chanakya IAS Academy Jammu, expressed his pride in the achievements of the students and emphasized the academy’s dedication to fostering talent and preparing aspirants for a successful career in civil services.

Chief Guest Mr. B.R. Sharma commended the candidates for their remarkable accomplishments and encouraged them to serve the people of Jammu and Kashmir with dedication and integrity. He stressed the significance of public service in contributing to the development and progress of the region, inspiring the candidates to make a meaningful impact through their roles in the administration.

Mr. Owais Ali Bhat, in his address, lauded the dedication of the faculty and staff in guiding and mentoring the candidates. He shared inspirational words, underlining the importance of education as a catalyst for change and progress. He encouraged the candidates to continue their pursuit of knowledge and their commitment to serving society, thereby contributing to the betterment of the region.

The felicitation ceremony was marked by moments of pride, inspiration, and optimism for the future of Jammu and Kashmir. It served as a testament to the unwavering commitment of the candidates, the dedication of Chanakya IAS Academy, and the support of eminent personalities like Mr. B.R. Sharma, Mr. A.K. Mishra, and Mr. Owais Ali Bhat. Other notable attendees included KB Jandial (former member JKPSC), Subhash Gupta (retired Judge & former member JKPSC), M.M. Gupta (Retired Chief Engineer), and Sameer Bharti (Retired IFS and Former member JKPSC).

As the event concluded, a sense of hope and determination filled the air. The felicitated candidates embarked on their journeys to serve the people of Jammu and Kashmir, armed with the knowledge, dedication, and spirit of public service instilled in them during their time at Chanakya IAS Academy. Their collective mission is to make a positive impact on the region, contributing to its growth, development, and prosperity.