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Balbir Singh urges Amit Shah to direct J&K Police to arrest land mafia Sharad Puri, SI Puneet in Shaheed Avtar Singh’s Murder Case

JAMMU, July 6: Balbir Singh stated that he has full faith in the Police Department, but the delay in arresting the main accused in the brutal killing of his son, Avtar Singh by the land mafia a few months ago, is creating doubt about the Police’s effectiveness.

Addressing media persons here today, Balbir Singh, accompanied by DDC member Taranjit Singh Tony, who is a close family friend, expressed his deep disappointment with the police’s inaction. “No action has been taken by the Police Department to arrest the main accused,” Singh stated. He highlighted that despite the availability of substantial evidence, the individuals named Sharad Puri, father-in-law of senior IAS officer Sanjeev Verma, and Chowki Officer Puneet Sharma, remain free in society.

Providing evidence against the Chowki Officer of Greater Kailash during the press conference, Singh questioned the police’s reluctance to arrest the culprits. “His criminal silence maintained by Police Officer Puneet, what more evidence does the police require to arrest him?” Singh exclaimed, further alleging that Sharad Puri is leveraging his bureaucratic connections to evade justice.

Singh demanded that the police recover the DVR from Parshotam’s office, which purportedly contains crucial evidence of Puri planning the murder on the day of the incident. “Every piece of evidence is pointing towards Puri,” Singh asserted, urging immediate action.

Taranjit Singh Tony echoed Singh’s sentiments, criticizing the police for their differential treatment based on the status of the accused. “It’s a testimony of the police’s tendency to arrest small culprits while adopting a lackadaisical approach when it comes to big sharks,” Tony remarked.

Family members of Avtar Singh have appealed to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, the Lieutenant Governor of J&K and the Director General of Police to intervene and ensure that the influential mafia don, Sharad Puri, is apprehended, thereby providing justice to the aggrieved family.

Balbir Singh and his family continue to seek justice for Avtar Singh, urging higher authorities to take decisive action against those responsible for the heinous crime.