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Basantgarh Residents Demand Urgent Attention to Healthcare Crisis and Protest Against Dr. Sajjad’s Transfer

Uniting Voices in Basantgarh's Protest Against the Disruptive Transfer of a Trusted Healer

Basantgarh, 10-03-2024: The situation in Basantgarh tehsil, located in the Udhampur region, warrants careful consideration and thorough understanding due to its unique challenges and pressing healthcare needs. As we concerned residents of this remote and snowbound area, feel compelled to provide a comprehensive overview of the circumstances surrounding the recent transfer of Dr. Sajjad from the Primary Health Center (PHC) in Basantgarh with no suitable substitute.

Basantgarh, with an approximate population of 48,000 individuals, faces significant difficulties in accessing adequate healthcare services. The geographical isolation and harsh weather conditions exacerbate these challenges, making it imperative for the local healthcare infrastructure to be robust and well-supported. However, the reality on the ground paints a different picture. The recent transfer of Dr. Sajjad from the PHC in Basantgarh has caused widespread concern and dismay among the local residents .

Dr. Sajjad, known for his dedication and commitment to his patients, has earned the trust and respect of the local populace. His sudden transfer has not only left a void in the medical staff but has also shaken the faith of the community in the healthcare system. It is essential to highlight the already precarious state of healthcare provision in Basantgarh. The scarcity of medical personnel, coupled with the increasing demand for healthcare services, poses a serious threat to the well-being of the residents. The PHC, which serves as a lifeline for the community, is struggling to cope with the influx of patients, especially in emergencies and during harsh weather conditions. The recent peaceful protest staged by the residents of Basantgarh underscores the gravity of the situation. The protest serves as a poignant reminder of the community’s collective voice and their unwavering determination to safeguard their rights and well-being. Furthermore, it is crucial to address the underlying issues that have led to this state of affairs. The failure of the authorities to provide a timely and suitable replacement for Dr. Sajjad reflects systemic inadequacies and administrative negligence. The promises made in the past, such as the assurance of a substitute for previously transferred doctors, remain unfulfilled and further erode trust in the administration. In light of these developments, we urge the concerned authorities to take immediate and decisive action to rectify the situation.

In order to ensure continuity of service and rebuild trust in the healthcare system, it is imperative that Doctor Sajjad’s transfer be canceled. Furthermore, there is a pressing need for long-term solutions to address the underlying shortcomings in the healthcare infrastructure and promise that all Basantgarh people have fair access to healthcare services.  The villagers’ complaints must be taken seriously by the government, and their welfare must be given top priority. We cannot expect to solve Basantgarh’s healthcare issues without a coordinated effort and early intervention.
On this particular occasion, a large number of locals and prominent leaders were present in protest, including Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed, Mr. Muzafar Hussain, Mr. Sagar Chand, Mohd. Saleem, Mohd. Ayoub, Mr. Abdul Rahid, Mr. Basant Garu, and others.