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Most parents today warn their children that if they don’t study, they won’t have a future. According to the parents, their children’s only option is to study. They believe that children should only focus entirely on their studies. Most parents sacrifice their children’s dreams in order to help them achieve their own goals. Everyone wants their child to pursue a career in engineering or medicine. As a result, parents pressure children to study constantly. However, they are unaware that there are other significant things in life besides learning. There is a world outside of studies as well. In accordance with the parents’ typical way of thinking, their children must only pursue careers as doctors, pilots, engineers, CAs, or police officers if they are to succeed in life. Today, engineering is the most popular profession chosen by young people. There are many children in this group that do not desire to be engineers. Simply due to parental pressure, they are pursuing their degree. These students never achieve success in life. The parents’ mentality is just incorrect. They are ruining their child’s future in order to fulfill their own desires or goals. Parents want their children to follow in the footsteps of others and observe what they are doing. They expect the same of their children if someone in their neighbourhood becomes a doctor or earns 98 percent of the grade. They push their children into a world of intense academic competition and interpersonal competition. The children are merely made to study for this. Sometimes, students themselves make the decision to make their children study instead of their parents. They study more as compared to other students who put in more time studying. They participate in a contest beside them. When they receive a lower grade than their competitors, they become anxious. They put in more hours of study time to close the gap between their grades and those of their competitors. They put studies above all else in their lives, even their health, and other necessities. These students need to be aware that life is more than just academics. There are other significant aspects of life than education. It should be recognized that a student’s body and mind require some time away from their studies. There are other demands of the body or mind that need to be satisfied, so if a student studies for the entire period, he will not receive the results he wants. Physical activity is necessary for human health. The brains of students who study frequently become exhausted. It is thus necessary to engage in some physical activity to clear the mind. Regularly studying without taking breaks is not at all effective. Our minds will stop absorbing new knowledge when we are too exhausted to think. Our body uses more oxygen when we exercise outside because it reaches our brain more quickly and helps us concentrate better.

Physical activity is therefore crucial for students. This attitude is absolutely incorrect. Additionally, physical activity makes the body healthier, so the student will not get sick as frequently, which will aid in his academic performance. Therefore, playing or physical activity should also be a part of the student’s life.