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BJP leadership on toes for making Amit Shah’s rally a grand, gala event: Kavinder

Seeks people’s overwhelming response to HM’s rally on April 16

JAMMU,13-04-2024: Senior BJP leader and former deputy chief minister Kavinder Gupta has galvanized the party’s leadership and cadre, gearing up for the monumental rally featuring BJP stalwart Amit Shah in Jammu on April 16, 2024. With unwavering determination and enthusiasm, he has set the stage for an unforgettable event, poised to showcase the BJP’s unwavering commitment to the people of Jammu and Kashmir amidst the ensuing Lok Sabha polls.
Chairing a meeting of senior party leaders, Kavinder stressed the paramount importance of the rally as a pivotal moment in the electoral landscape, providing a platform for Amit Shah to articulate the BJP’s vision for Jammu and Kashmir and rally support for the party’s candidates in the Lok Sabha polls. With meticulous planning and tireless coordination, he said the BJP leadership is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the rally leaves an indelible impression on attendees and observers alike.

In the meeting, senior BJP leaders Priya Sethi, Aseem Gupta, Vinay Gupta, Charanjit Khalsa, Neha Mahajan, Ankush Gupta, Pushpinder Singh, Narinder Koki, Bharat Bhushan, Neeraj Puri, Rajinder Koul, Vivek Patyal, Natan Gupta and Sahil Gupta were present.
Kavinder said that the rally, set amidst the backdrop of the Lok Sabha polls, serves as a testament to the BJP’s unwavering commitment to the welfare and development of Jammu and Kashmir. He underscored the Party’s dedication to fostering inclusive growth and prosperity, echoing the aspirations of the people of the region.

Kavinder said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir should not miss the opportunity to be part of this important event. He said that the people should attend Amit Shah’s rally in Jammu with great enthusiasm to showcase their support to one of the best Home Ministers of the country who has changed the course of life of people giving so much which many governments in the past failed to dispense. He said that the people of J&K have been indebted due to bounties ensured by HM Amit Shah in the shape of peace, development, and progress in the Union Territory therefore grand success of his rally in J&K is the solemn duty of each and every resident and therefore all should reach the venue of the rally with zeal and zest.