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BJP reaching out to every section of society: Kavinder

KATHUA,10-02-2024: Senior BJP leader and former deputy chief minister Kavinder Gupta said that the Saffron party has been working to ensure equitable development in J&K by reaching out to every section of society and covering all regions without any prejudice or partiality.
The BJP stalwart leader said this while addressing a seminar organized by BJP’s Urban and Local Body Cell in connection with the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, here on Saturday.
Chief Guest on the occasion, Kavinder highlighted BJP’s concerted efforts to create inclusivity and ensure public welfare without any discrimination on the basis of region, religion or any other classification. He categorically said that the programmes and schemes conceived by the BJP Government under the dynamic leadership of PM Narendra Modi are meant for one and all with no scope left for any kind of favouritism or bias.  The seminar was also attended by the members of BJP’s Cultural and Doctors’ Cells. Kavinder underscored BJP’s commitment to inclusive governance and outreach initiatives aimed at fostering development and unity across the region. He also gave a thorough account of the proactive approach of the Saffron party in reaching out to diverse communities and addressing their concerns. He reiterated BJP’s unwavering commitment to upholding the principles of democracy, social justice, and equitable development in J&K. The leader emphasized that BJP’s outreach efforts extend beyond political boundaries, encompassing various social, cultural, and economic spheres. He said that BJP has been actively engaging with stakeholders across J&K to ensure that their voices are heard and their aspirations addressed. He also highlighted the significant strides made by the party in promoting peace, stability, and development in the region.
Gopal Mahajan District President Kathua, Pawan Singh Convener Local Bodies Cell, Dinesh Gupta Co-convener, Gurdip Saini, Rekha Kumari, Puneet Gupta Doctors’ Cell, Kulbir Charak Cultural Cell, Sahil and Rakesh Sharma were also present in the seminar.




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