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Claim of better Govts than BJP shows opposition living in fool’s paradise: Kavinder

Says Incumbent BJP Govt best since independence

JAMMU,21-02-2024 : Kavinder Gupta, senior BJP leader and former Deputy Chief Minister today slammed the hollow claims of opposition leaders, asserting the BJP’s commitment to the unprecedented development of Jammu and Kashmir. He emphasizes that the opposition parties are living in a fool’s paradise with their unfounded assertions and overlook the overwhelming support of the people of Jammu and Kashmir towards the BJP and the success of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally in Jammu region.
In response to the opposition’s statements regarding development projects initiated during their tenure, Kavinder highlighted that the opposition leaders, during their seventy-year rule in Jammu and Kashmir, merely engaged in lip service and failed to take substantial actions for the welfare and progress of the people. Their rule only resulted in depriving the people of their rights and leaving them without tangible development projects, he added.
He raised questions about the inability of National Conference and Congress in establishing crucial development projects in Jammu and Kashmir. Why the opposition leaders had failed to establish AIIMS, Expressway, IIM, IIT, ring road projects, expansion of Jammu Airport, holding of G20 Summit in J&K and many more during their tenure? He asked.
Counteracting the opposition’s narrative, Kavinder proudly declared that the incumbent BJP government is the best government since independence. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, the BJP government has prioritized infrastructure development, and numerous projects initiated during its tenure have been completed in record time. This commitment to efficient execution has set a precedent for other states in the country and has particularly brought progress to Jammu and Kashmir, he added.
Kavinder asked the opposition parties to acknowledge the reality of the BJP’s achievements rather than resorting to baseless claims. He further emphasized that the BJP government’s dedication to the welfare of the people of Jammu and Kashmir speaks for itself through its tangible results and the trust it has garnered from the masses.
The former deputy Chief Minister asserted that the BJP will undoubtedly form the next government at the Centre by winning more than 400 plus seats with an aim to make India a more prosperous and developed nation.