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Congress Party’s Restructuring Continues with Ajay Maken’s Appointment as Treasurer

01-10-2023 : The Indian National Congress party announced the appointment of Ajay Maken as its new treasurer on Sunday. This decision marks a change in leadership in a key party role, with Ajay Maken succeeding Pawan Kumar Bansal in this important position. Maken’s selection for the role is notable due to his close association with Rahul Gandhi as per souces, a prominent figure within the Congress party. It’s worth mentioning that Ajay Maken had been holding no official post within the party ever since his resignation from the position of Congress General Secretary in charge of Rajasthan several months ago.

The announcement of Ajay Maken’s appointment as the treasurer of the All India Congress Committee (AICC) was made official through a statement issued by party General Secretary K C Venugopal. This decision reflects the party’s ongoing efforts to revamp and reorganize its leadership structure.

Pawan Kumar Bansal, the outgoing treasurer, was also acknowledged for his contributions to the party in the statement. This move, which comes at a crucial juncture for the Congress party, will likely have implications for the party’s financial management and overall strategy as it navigates the complex political landscape of India. Ajay Maken, with his experience and proximity to senior leadership, is expected to play a pivotal role in managing the party’s finances and resources effectively.