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Congress should introspect instead of targeting BJP: Kavinder

Rahul should not raise fingers against country in quest to do same with Modi

JAMMU,06-08-2022: Senior BJP leader and former deputy chief minister Kavinder Gupta in a hard-hitting rejoinder to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s remark over death of democracy said there is a need that ‘Yuvraj’ should first introspect his own party as democracy is already a thing of the past in Congress because it is running without elections.
In a statement issued to media persons, the BJP stalwart said that Rahul should not raise fingers against the country in the quest to do the same with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that the Congress leaders should introspect over their party’s functioning and devise a course of action to put their own house in order especially by conducting internal polls before giving unnecessary sermons to the BJP, which at no point of time had gone off track from the principles of democracy.
He reminded Rahul Gandhi of the late Indira Gandhi’s blunder of putting the democracy of the country to ransom by imposing an emergency in 1975 suspending all the constitutional rights of the people. He said BJP often feels pity on Rahul Gandhi because either he is ignorant or immature because the issues which he highlights actually expose the Congress party more than any other entity in the country. He said that Indira Gandhi insulted the Constitution more than anybody else by declaring an emergency and today his ‘dynast’ grandson is giving sermons to others regarding the sanctity of the Constitution of India. “Every Indian whether old or young knows the fact to the hilt that how Congress manipulated things and crushed constitutional bodies just to remain in power”, he said adding that this culture of Congress is actually acting as the biggest hurdle in the success of Rahul Gandhi and not any political party or opponent.