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DC Rajouri interacts with workers at Moughla Coal Mine

RAJOURI, FEBRUARY 21: Deputy Commissioner Om Prakash Bhagat today undertook a comprehensive visit to the coal mine situated in the Moughla block of Rajouri district. The visit aimed to assess the operational efficiency, workforce engagement, and inspection of overall production dynamics of the coal mine.

During the visit, it was highlighted that the Mougla coal mine boasts a commendable daily production capacity of 30 tonnes of coal. This impressive figure stands as a testament to the dedication and hard work of the workforce, comprising a robust team of 225 skilled employees.

Deputy Commissioner Om Prakash Bhagat, meticulously observed the mining operations, ensuring adherence to safety protocols and environmental regulations. This visit underscored the commitment of the administration to promoting responsible mining practices while fostering economic growth in the region.

One of the noteworthy aspects of the visit was the interactive session conducted by Deputy Commissioner Bhagat with the workers. This engaging dialogue provided an invaluable opportunity for the workers to voice their concerns, share insights, and offer suggestions for further enhancing productivity and workplace safety measures.

Expressing his appreciation for the relentless efforts of the workforce, Deputy Commissioner Om Prakash Bhagat emphasized the significance of their contribution to the local economy and underscored the unwavering support of the administration towards ensuring their welfare and well-being.

Furthermore, Deputy Commissioner Om Prakash Bhagat reaffirmed the commitment of the administration to fostering a conducive environment for sustainable growth in the mining sector, with a keen focus on promoting equitable development, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility.

The visit of Deputy Commissioner to the Mougla coal mine exemplifies the proactive approach of the administration towards facilitating the development and fostering harmonious relations with all stakeholders & workers involved in the mining sector.

Among others, District Mineral Officer, Naseeb Bajrang and Tehsildar Kalakote Shiv Kumar accompanied the Deputy during his visit.