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DIC hosts interactive session with entrepreneurs, unit holder at Kishtwar

 KISHTWAR, JUNE 10: On the directions of Deputy Commissioner Dr Devansh Yadav, General Manager DIC Phulail Singh convened an interactive session with the local entrepreneurs to redress their issues and educate them about the incentives being provided under the New Central Sector Scheme (NCSS) 2021.

The meeting was attended by the Unit holders of Industrial Estate, private estates, Functional Manager DIC, District Manager SICOP and other stakeholders.

Besides generating awareness among the entrepreneurs regarding the schemes of the Industries and Commerce Department, various burning issues were also discussed in the meeting.

The NCSS 2021 scheme, introduced by the Government of India, aims to boost industrial development in Jammu and Kashmir by providing a range of incentives to potential investors. The meet was organized to disseminate information about the scheme, address related investor queries, and encourage investment in the district.

During the meeting, the GM outlined the incentives available under the NCSS 2021, including capital investment subsidy, interest subvention, and reimbursement of Goods and Services Tax (GST). He emphasized the scheme’s potential to transform Kishtwar into a hub of industrial activity, leveraging the district’s unique resources and strategic location.

“NCSS 2021 is a landmark initiative that offers substantial benefits to investors willing to set up businesses in Kishtwar and  to facilitate a smooth investment process and ensure that entrepreneurs can take full advantage of the available incentives,” said GM DIC  Kishtwar.

The event saw participation from a diverse group of stakeholders, including local entrepreneurs, representatives from industrial associations, and potential investors from across the region.

Attendees were provided with detailed presentations on the scheme’s features, application procedures, and the support mechanisms in place for investors.

A question & answer session followed the presentations, allowing participants to seek clarifications on various aspects of the scheme. Phulail Singh, GM DIC Kishtwar and other officials from the DIC Kishtwar addressed the queries, providing insights into how businesses can benefit from the scheme and the steps being taken to ensure a conducive investment environment in the district.

The investor meet concluded with a call to action for investors to capitalize on the opportunities presented by NCSS 2021. The DIC Kishtwar assured ongoing support to facilitate the establishment and growth of new ventures in the district.

The positive response from the participants underscores the growing interest in Kishtwar as a promising destination for industrial investment. The DIC Kishtwar, under the leadership of Phulail Singh, remains committed to driving economic development in the district through sustained investor engagement and support.