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Gangyal Entrepreneurs Extend Hearty Welcome to Mr. Arun Manhas, DI&C for Jammu, Assuring Unwavering Support for Regional Economic Growth

Prominent Industrialists in Jammu’s Gangyal Area Strategize with Director of Industries & Commerce, Mr. Arun Manhas, Unveiling a Synergistic Roadmap for Unprecedented Growth

Jammu, 09-11-2023 : A warm welcome extended to Mr. Arun Manhas, the newly appointed Director of Industries & Commerce for the Jammu region, by the senior and prominent industrialists of Gangyal Industrial Area, Jammu, reflects a positive and collaborative approach towards the industrial sector in the region.

The delegation, led by Mr. Jagdish Langer, Mr. Anil Gupta, and others, showcased their support and eagerness to work together by visiting Mr. Arun Manhas at his office. This gesture not only signifies the unity among the industrialists but also emphasizes the importance of effective communication between the private sector and government officials. Mr. Anil Gupta is recognized for his leadership and contributions to the industrial landscape in Jammu. His involvement in the delegation that visited Mr. Arun Manhas reflects his proactive approach and commitment to addressing the challenges faced by the industrial sector. As a seasoned industrialist, his insights and perspectives likely carry substantial weight in discussions related to the region’s industries. His participation in discussions with the newly appointed Director of Industries and commerce underlines his dedication to collaborative efforts for the betterment of the business environment in Jammu. Similarly, Mr. Jagdish Langer, another distinguished industrialist from the Gangyal Industrial Area, brings valuable experience and expertise to the table. His role in the delegation signifies a collective effort by influential figures in the local business community to engage with government officials and address pertinent issues. Mr. Langer’s involvement suggests a commitment to fostering a positive relationship between the private sector and government authorities, crucial for overcoming challenges and promoting industrial growth. His presence in discussions with the new Director of Industries and commerce indicates a willingness to actively contribute to the region’s economic development.

The meeting addressed various pertinent issues related to the industrial and commercial landscape of Jammu & Kashmir. These discussions are crucial for understanding the challenges faced by the industrial sector and finding collaborative solutions to promote growth. The fact that Mr. Arun Manhas expressed his commitment to fostering growth and development in the region’s industries is a promising sign for the local business community.

A key highlight of the discussions was Mr. Manhas’s commitment to creating a business-friendly environment. This commitment is essential for attracting investments, promoting entrepreneurship, and facilitating the overall ease of doing business in the region. The assurance of full support to the industries in Jammu & Kashmir further strengthens the confidence of the industrialists in the new leadership.

In the context of Jammu & Kashmir, which has its unique set of challenges and opportunities, such proactive engagements between government officials and the business community are instrumental in driving economic progress. The industrial sector plays a crucial role in providing employment, contributing to the regional economy, and fostering innovation. Therefore, a collaborative approach, as demonstrated in this meeting, sets the tone for positive developments in the region’s industrial landscape.

As Mr. Arun Manhas takes charge as the Director of Industries and Commerce, his commitment and engagement with the local industrialists signify a step towards creating an ecosystem that encourages industrial growth, job creation, and overall economic prosperity in Jammu & Kashmir. The outcome of this productive meeting and the ongoing collaboration between the government and the industrial sector will likely have a lasting impact on the region’s economic development.