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GIS Day celebrated with enthusiasm at Environment Park Raika

JAMMU, NOVEMBER 18:   Environment Park Raika today buzzed with excitement as it commemorated GIS Day with fervor. The event witnessed an engaging Geocaching activity titled “The Treasure Hunt Game” drawing participation from 13 teams divided into 4 groups.

Enthusiastic individuals from different backgrounds gathered to celebrate the significance of Geographic Information System (GIS).

The Geocaching activity, a highlight of the day, brought forth teamwork, navigation skills, and problem-solving as teams scoured the park in search of hidden treasures.

The celebratory atmosphere echoed with cheers and collaborative spirits as participants engaged in this interactive and educational activity. GIS Day at Environment Park Raika showcased the power and fun of geospatial technology, bringing together individuals passionate about exploring and understanding the world through spatial data.

The successful turnout and active participation underscored the growing interest and relevance of GIS in modern-day applications, fostering a deeper appreciation for the importance of spatial analysis and its impact on our environment and daily lives.

The First prize winner   was Tanuj Sharma, second prize went to Shashwat  & Third prize was given to  Ishika.