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Jammu and Kashmir Approves Installation of Harmonious Call Blocking System in Prisons

25-05-2023 : The Jammu and Kashmir Government has approved the installation of unified call-blocking systems in all 14 jails in the Union Territory, which is a significant step towards enhancing security measures. This action tries to stop unapproved contacts from the site of the jail.

The project, approved by the Union Territory’s Home Department, entails the installation of towers for the harmonious call-blocking system in all 14 jails of Jammu and Kashmir. The system will effectively block 2G, 3G, and 4G signals, with potential suitability for 5G in the future. The proposed project has a financial outlay of Rs 21.26 crore, with a one-time cost of Rs 19.04 crore and a recurring cost of Rs 1.76 crore per annum for renting passive infrastructure providers at the rate of Rs 26,000 per telecom service provider (TSP) per month per tower (HCBS). Additionally, an annual maintenance charge of Rs 0.56 crore will be incurred, amounting to Rs 1 lakh per TSP per annum.

The installation of towers for the harmonious call-blocking system will effectively block incoming and outgoing calls, SMS messages, and data services within the prison premises. This measure is aimed at preventing unauthorized communication by inmates, ensuring better security, and minimizing the risk of criminal activities being coordinated from within the jails.

By implementing this system, the Jammu and Kashmir Government aims to bolster the overall security framework of the prison facilities. The harmonious call-blocking system will help maintain discipline, deter illegal activities, and ensure that the prisons function as secure correctional facilities.

This initiative reflects the commitment of the Jammu and Kashmir Government to prioritize the safety and security of the Union Territory. By leveraging advanced technology and implementing measures to control communication channels, the authorities aim to maintain a controlled and secure environment within the prison facilities, contributing to the overall law and order situation in the region.