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Kashmiri Pandit Government Employees Suspend 310-Day-Long Strike Demanding Relocation

04-03-2023 : Kashmiri Pandit government employees who demanded relocation outside the Kashmir Valley due to targeted killings by terrorists have suspended their 310-day-long strike. The protesters, who work in various government departments under the Prime Minister’s employment package, had stopped their work to press for their relocation demand. The Jammu and Kashmir administration neither accepted nor rejected the demand, but the protesters had to suspend their strike as their salaries were stopped, choking them financially.

Last year in May, after the killing of their colleagues by terrorists, many employees moved to Jammu from the Kashmir division of the Union Territory. Senior member of All Migrant (Displaced) Employees Association Kashmir (AMEAK), Ruban Saproo, said that the core committee of AMEAK would meet to decide on resuming their duties in the Kashmir Valley. Rohit Raina, another AMEAK member, said that they had only suspended the protest, and the next course of action would be decided by the core committee.

RK Bhat, the president of Youth All India Kashmiri Samaj (YAIKS), an organisation of Kashmiri Pandits, appealed to various Kashmiri Pandit groups to unite for their rights. He also urged Kashmiri Muslims to come forward to ensure the security of minority Hindus living in the Valley. Bhat emphasized that the majority community is the real custodian of ensuring the safety and security of the minuscule Kashmiri Pandit population in the Valley, and they have to ensure it to maintain real Kashmiriyat.