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Kavinder calls for United Global Front to combat & eliminate terrorism

Vigorously condemns cowardly terrorist attack in Machedi Kathua

JAMMU: Former Deputy Chief Minister and senior BJP leader Kavinder Gupta has strongly condemned the brutal terrorist attack in the Machedi area of Kathua, which claimed the lives of four brave Indian Army soldiers. In a scathing statement, he expressed his deep sorrow over the loss while vowing that the perpetrators will be met with swift and decisive retribution.

In a statement issued here today, the senior BJP leader said that the terrorists have once again launched a cowardly attack on our soil. “Despite the relentless efforts of our security forces to establish peace in Jammu and Kashmir, such heinous acts of violence persist. This latest incident is not only a matter of profound sadness but also a stark reminder of the barbarity and cowardice of these terrorist groups.”

He emphasized the resolve of the Indian government and its security apparatus to combat terrorism with an iron fist. “These cowards will not be spared. I express my deepest sympathies to the bereaved families of our fallen heroes. I salute the martyrdom of the five jawans who laid down their lives in the line of duty. Their sacrifice will not be in vain.”

Reaffirming the commitment of Modi Government towards a zero-tolerance policy towards terrorism, Kavinder assured the public that justice will be served. “I firmly believe that the terrorists responsible for this attack will be neutralized soon. Our security forces are working tirelessly to ensure this. Pakistan, knowing it cannot win a direct confrontation, resorts to these underhanded tactics. However, let it be clear that such actions will only strengthen our resolve to eradicate terrorism from our land.”

The former deputy Chief Minister called upon the international community to recognize and condemn the continuous support and safe havens provided to terrorists by neighboring countries. He urged for a united global front to combat and eliminate terrorism.
“We stand united in our fight against terrorism. The blood of our martyrs will fuel our determination to bring lasting peace and security to Jammu and Kashmir,” he added.