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Knee and Ear Camp in Jammu will run till 28th April, 29th April, 30th April and 1st May

Jammu, 27-04-2024:If it has become difficult for you to walk, your knees have lost grease, it has become difficult to climb stairs, your knees have become crooked and you are finding it difficult to kick the scooter or consider knee surgery. If you are staying then this news is going to be a relief for you because a camp is being organized in your Jammu city with the help of Nami Dogri organization. From 10:00 am to evening at Hotel Swagat located near Aggarwal Dharamshala on Gurdwara Sunder Singh Road, Jammu. Till 5:00 pm, treatment of knee pain will be done by knee brace and electropathy and without operation only for Rs 9500/-.

And also for those people who have low hearing and are not able to get hearing aids due to their being expensive. There is also good news that after 50% discount from the market, hearing aids based on German technology will be made available in the market at just Rs 3500, 5500, 6000, 8000, 11000 and 13000 with one year guarantee. 140 diseases will be treated by electropathy. Till now, many people have been cured in Dehradun, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal and Rajasthan through the camp.

Head of Nami Dogri Sanstha, Advocate Dogra Harish Kaila of Jammu and Kashmir High Court and Executive Member Shri Rakesh  appealed to all the residents of the city. The appeal is to take maximum advantage of this camp. Advocate Dogra Harish Kaila  told that Dr. Laxmikant Mallik and his team will provide their services in this camp. For more information contact: – 9877196696 , 98037-62624