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Legal Boundaries Defined: Delhi HC Declines Intervention in PIL Targeting Arvind Kejriwal’s Chief Ministership Post-Arrest

New Delhi, 27-03-2024 : The Delhi High Court made a significant decision on Thursday by rejecting a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) that aimed to oust AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal from his position as Chief Minister subsequent to his arrest in connection with a money laundering case linked to the excise policy. Acting Chief Justice Manmohan, leading the bench, declined to delve into the merits of the case, asserting that such matters were beyond the purview of judicial intervention.

The bench, which also included Justice Manmeet PS Arora, emphasized that it was the responsibility of other branches of government to address the issue in accordance with the law. This decision underscores the principle of separation of powers, affirming the judiciary’s role in upholding the law while respecting the jurisdiction of other governmental bodies to handle matters pertaining to the executive and legislative domains.