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Major Bottleneck on Rajouri-Thanamandi-Surankote Road at Atti Removed

RAJOURI, SEPTEMBER 19: In a significant development for the region, Deputy Commissioner, Vikas Kundal has taken a decisive action to eliminate a major bottleneck on the crucial Rajouri-Thanamandi-Surankote Road at Atti.

The initiative was taken to enhance connectivity and streamline traffic flow on this vital road, which serves as a lifeline for the Pir Panjal region, connecting the border district of Rajouri to the historic Mughal Road, maintained by the Border Roads Organization (BRO).

The Rajouri-Thanamandi-Surankote Road is not just a transportation corridor but also the shortest route to the scenic Kashmir Valley. This road intersects with the historical Mughal Road at Bafliaz in Poonch district. It serves as a pivotal conduit for hundreds of tourists, passenger vehicles, and trucks traveling to and from the Kashmir Valley, linking Jammu and various parts of the country.

Recognizing the importance of this road in facilitating the movement of people and goods, the Deputy Commissioner took immediate action. Following his directives, a comprehensive assessment was carried out, including peg marking and the commencement of earth-cutting work in alignment with the road’s expansion plan.

The ongoing project aims to transform the existing road into a two-lane thoroughfare, effectively alleviating traffic congestion and substantially reducing travel time for commuters. This upgrade is poised to enhance the region’s connectivity, fostering economic growth, tourism, and greater ease of travel for all.

The proactive stance of the Deputy Commissioner, Vikas Kundal and the dedicated efforts of the concerned authorities demonstrate a commitment to enhance the infrastructure crucial for the development and prosperity of the region. This initiative marks a significant step towards ensuring smoother and more efficient connectivity in the Pir Panjal region, contributing to the overall well-being and convenience of the residents and visitors alike.