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Mayor Jammu reviews Solid Waste Management; discusses modalities for development of Heritage Trail through old bazaars of City of temples

JAMMU, DECEMBER 31:   Mayor Jammu, Rajinder Sharma today chaired a meeting in the conference hall of Jammu Municipal Corporation to review the issues related to Solid Waste Management.

The meeting was also attended by Commissioner JMC, Rahul Yadav, chairpersons of the Committees, Hardeep Singh Mankotia, Ajay Gupta and Health officer, JMC.

 The Mayor said that SWM is an essential service in any society. It is necessary for reducing and eliminating the adverse impacts of waste materials on human health and the environment to support economic development and superior quality of life. Disposing solid waste is not really a fairly easy job. There are a lot of things that should be taken into consideration like public health, transportation, proper storage, proper collection, etc.

  A detailed presentation on Solid Waste Management was given in the meeting. The Mayor said, “Major components are involved in better management of Municipal Solid Waste in any city i.e Segregation, Collection & Transportation, Processing and Disposal of the waste.”

 The Segregation of the MSW to be done by the households, Shops, commercial places etc. in two ways in separate dustbins, while Green color dustbin be used for Wet waste (biodegradable) and blue color dustbin for Dry waste (non-bio-degradable). “Organic Compost and liquid manure is very useful in organic farming and it may be a replacement of chemical fertilizer which is used for the farming. Compressed Biogas can be used as cooking gas, in CNG vehicles etc” he said.

The Mayor directed the Health section of JMC to inform the general public at large regarding segregation of waste at their door steps by every household.

Meanwhile, Mayor Jammu chaired another meeting to discuss revised modalities pertaining to the development of Heritage Trail through old bazaars of Jammu City.

The meeting was attended by Chief Executive Officer, JSCL, Shri Rahul Yadav, Additional Chief Executive Officer, JSCL, Shri Hitesh Gupta, Director Projects, JSCL, Shri Sunil Thussu, Additional General Manager, JSCL,  Deepika Gupta, Executive Engineer Div-1, JMC ,  Arun Gupta & Hon’ble Councillors, Advocate Purnima Sharma,  Narotam Sharma, Miss Sunita Koul,  Gopal Gupta,  Anil Kumar Masoom & Miss Anita Sharma. The meeting was convened for discussing the change in proposal with respect to roads running along the old Heritage Corridor of old Jammu City. It was decided to lower the level of footpaths in certain stretches and to bring them down to the level of adjacent roads. The consequent changes in material to be used for footpaths along with other issues related to drainage were also discussed.

Besides, threadbare discussion was held in the context of one-way traffic movement along the heritage trail for decongestion of various bazaars and to make them pedestrian friendly.

It was also decided to make Heritage Trail Bazaars parking free zones. Certain observations were made by some councillors with regard to the parking of vehicles of the residents of the adjoining areas who park their vehicles on the road side in these bazaars. The Mayor directed to provide parking spaces to these people inside various multi storeyed parking facilities in the city on subsidised rates. Besides, he also directed to make provisions  to provide commute facilities to these vehicle owners from parking facilities to their residences.

The Mayor also directed to explore the possibility of undergrounding of communication cables wherever possible to lend aesthetic look to these areas. It was also decided to hold presentation in this regard with various stake holders including traders & residents to elicit their view for formulating a wholesome proposal in this regard.