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Rajasthanis ‘restless’ to bring BJP to power: Kavinder

Cong will be remembered only for corruption, crime & chaos

DAUSA (Rajasthan): Senior BJP leader and former Deputy Chief Minister, Kavinder Gupta maintained that every single citizen in Rajasthan has become impatient to bring BJP to power by rooting out the ruling Congress government, which has ruined the state by promoting only corruption, crime and chaos.
The BJP functionary was addressing public meetings at Ramgarh Pichwada, Kosiwadi, Dungarpur and Toyeda ahead of UP CM Adityanath Yogi’s poll rally in Lalsote on Monday. Shamsher Singh Karkada, Ladoo Ram Mandal Adhyaksh, Jagdish Sarpanch, Jeetu Chowdhary and Mahesh Kumar also accompanied Kavinder Gupta during the public meetings.
Kavinder said that looking into the exuberance of the electorate in the Dausa District, it is likely that tomorrow’s rally by Yogiji shall witness sea of people aspiring sea change on ground by way of ouster of Congress government and setting up of welfare state under the BJP rule.
Kavinder said that every soul in Rajasthan is telling the same sordid tale of Congress’ misrule promoting crime, corruption and chaos in this desert state as never before. He said that have become restless and wanted to do everything possible to make sure that no one from Congress remains in power whatsoever.
The former Deputy Chief Minister also revealed that after the spectacular rally by UP CM Yogiji, the party has also envisaged more rallies between November 20 and 23 by its star campaigners and it is likely that party will be able to galvanise more people towards the party making the margins of victory in upcoming polls even bigger.