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Raman Bhalla Accuses BJP of Betrayal and Failure to Deliver Promised Development

Congress Vows to Fight for Democratic Rights and Accountability in J&K, Slams BJP's Failed Policies

26-05-2023 : Raman Bhalla, the Working President of JKPCC, chaired a workers’ meeting at the party headquarters in Jammu, organized by Yogesh Sawhney to nominate new Ward Presidents. During the meeting, Surinder Kumar was nominated as Ward-2 President, Munish Kumar as Ward-24 President, Gulshan Kumar as Ward-12 President, and Manmeet Singh as Secretary DCC Jammu Urban. Several notable individuals were also present, including Dawarka Choudhary, Varinder Manhas, Pawan Dev Singh, Vijay Malhotra, Pawan Sharma, Satpal Sapolia, Ram Parkash Magotra, Jugal Kishore, Rakesh Sharma, Anil Kumar, Ravi Panotra, Manmeet Singh, Gulshan Kumar Munish Kumar, and Surinder Kumar, among others.

During his speech, Bhalla criticized the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), claiming that the party consistently brings up new issues to divert attention from its failures. He asserted that the people were prepared to teach the BJP a lesson in all upcoming elections. Bhalla stated that all the promises made by the BJP before the 2019 Lok Sabha and assembly elections turned out to be empty rhetoric. He further emphasized that the people of J&K would no longer be deceived by the BJP and would hold the ruling party accountable for its shortcomings. Bhalla highlighted that under the BJP government, all development projects have come to a halt, and the implementation of public interest schemes has been deliberately delayed or suspended. The BJP failed to fulfill the promises outlined in its manifesto.

Bhalla accused the BJP of betraying the people of Jammu by making emotional slogans and false commitments during elections, only to disregard those promises after winning. He stated that the current political and security situation in J&K reflects the complete failure of the central government, which has left the region in chaos. Bhalla criticized the lack of accountability in the administration, leading to suffering on all fronts for the people. He expressed concern about the disconnect between the bureaucracy and the public, particularly during a time of crisis such as water and power shortages, as well as unprecedented inflation.

Bhalla urged the administration to wake up from its inaction and address the pressing issues faced by the people, as the entire union territory is grappling with a shortage of basic necessities. He expressed disappointment with the bureaucratic indifference toward the concerns raised by public representatives. Bhalla highlighted the difficulties faced by the people in the absence of a democratic system in J&K. He condemned the division of J&K into two Union Territories against the wishes of the people, alleging that the BJP is denying them their democratic rights to cover up its flawed policies and failures. He affirmed that the Congress would continue to fight for the democratic rights of the people and ensure justice.

Bhalla accused the BJP government of failing to address the problems faced by the people of J&K. He claimed that the miseries of the people, especially those in Jammu and Kashmir, have multiplied since the BJP betrayed them. Bhalla criticized the government for viewing the situation through a distorted lens, while the ground reality remains clear to everyone. He accused the BJP of intentionally delaying early assembly elections and the restoration of full statehood to J&K, calling on the people to prepare for a decisive fight. Bhalla lamented that instead of addressing people’s grievances, the government prioritizes photo opportunities and makes false promises for cheap publicity. He argued that the lack of transparency and accountability has plunged J&K into a state of mismanagement and despair.

Yogesh Sawhney, speaking at the meeting, claimed that the development process in J&K has been almost paralyzed, and significant initiatives undertaken by the previous Congress-led coalition government have been abandoned. He appealed to party workers to send a strong message to the central government, expressing public discontent with the BJP’s actions and the failure of its elected leaders to live up to expectations. Sawhney urged people to support the Congress party, as it is the only party capable of fighting against the BJP’s divisive policies and politics throughout the country. He emphasized that unity in diversity is the fundamental strength of the nation and a long-standing principle of the Congress party. Sawhney questioned when the central government would create a conducive atmosphere for elections in Jammu and Kashmir and enable the formation of a government elected by the people. He accused the BJP of failing to understand the aspirations of the people of J&K and held them responsible for creating this chaotic situation and betraying the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Sawhney further criticized the directionless and clueless policies of the BJP government, stating that they have left the people of Jammu and Kashmir in despair, which is a matter of national concern. He claimed that the BJP government lacks an economic roadmap for inclusive progress in J&K. Sawhney highlighted the alarming levels of unemployment in the region, which severely impact the prospects of a stable economy. The rising unemployment worsens economic stability, especially as the private sector is not robust enough to generate sufficient employment opportunities. Sawhney criticized the government and its departments for not addressing this issue seriously, pointing out the lack of advertised positions, ineffective recruitment procedures, corruption, favoritism, and other loopholes that hinder job creation.