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Read: Full Text of J&K LG Manoj Sinha’s Republic Day Address

LG Manoj Sinha inspected the Republic Day parade and took salute at the march past

    1. My dear Sisters, Brothers and Children, Accept my greetings on the sacred occasion of Republic Day. On this day in 1950, by adopting the values and ideals enshrined in the Constitution, the architects of our country had embarked on a journey to create a society based on justice, brotherhood and equality. This seven-decade-long developmental odyssey is a living example of our inclusive ideology, national unity, hard work and dynamism. Today, a self-confident India stands tall as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. As we have emerged as the fifth largest economic power in the world, the world is looking towards us for a better future.
    1. Today, we pay tribute to the farmers who, with their toil and sweat, fill the granaries of Jammu and Kashmir to sustain the society. Today is also the day to pay tribute to the scientists, engineers, doctors, nurses, teachers, tribals, litterateurs, artists, businessmen, workers, scavengers, youth and women who have infused new energy into the society combining economic prosperity and ageless value system drawn from civilizational heritage.

3. On this auspicious occasion, I bow to the self-sacrificing freedom fighters who nourished this soil with their blood. I pay my respectful obeisance to the national heroes like General Zorawar Singh and Brigadier Rajinder Singh, who laid down their lives defending the integrity of the motherland. “Azadi ka Amrit Kaal” is an opportunity to renew our resolve and dedicate ourselves to fulfill the dreams of our forefathers.

    1. Today, I bow to the brave soldiers of Jammu and Kashmir Police, Army and Central Security Forces, who displayed unmatched heroism and the spirit of sacrifice in defending the motherland. I want to tell those involved in the barbaric killings of innocents at the behest of the neighboring country that we will avenge every drop of blood and tears. I assure the families who lost their loved ones that the entire nation stands with you and concrete measures will be taken to ensure that the families of our bravehearts live a life of comfort and dignity.
    1. Dear brothers and sisters, Jammu and Kashmir is not just a geographical entity. It is a vibrant and radiant ecosystem where different faiths are the guiding force of inclusive culture. It is the living embodiment of our oldest ideal Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah. Jammu and Kashmir is a rhythmic dialogue of social, cultural values, plurality and tolerance. Jammu and Kashmir is the aura of self- confident India. Harmukh, Amarnath, Pir Panjal and Trikuta Hills are the highest peaks of our spiritual heritage. The waves of Jhelum, Chenab and Tawi rivers reflect the essence of our intellectual and spiritual experiences. Since times immemorial the spiritual energy and blessings of Mata Vaishno Devi, Sudh Mahadev, Budha Amarnath has guided our society. Smt. Padma Sachdev has written –

deh jaliye aaun apnee

lauy deun anhere gi

By burning my body, I give my flame to the darkness. It has been our tradition to sacrifice our being as Aahuti in Yagya to break the darkness prevailing in the society.

    1. Two years ago, on this day, I had presented the vision of ‘glorious Jammu and Kashmir’. Today, we can say with pride that employment generation, industrialization, assured livelihood for every family, increase in income and welfare of farmers, agricultural labourers and workers, empowerment of youth and women, development of scheduled castes, tribes and deprived sections, and provision of basic facilities like roads, electricity, drinking water have received renewed impetus. Efforts have been made to make 21st century, the century of Jammu and Kashmir by speeding up development and by introducing multitude of reforms like establishment of grassroot- level democracy, creation of knowledge society and expansion of digital and physical connectivity. With renewed enthusiasm on Independence Day, we had entered the Amrit Kaal of our independence with the aim of a fear-free, corruption-free, drug-free and employment-rich Jammu and Kashmir, for which public participation is a pre- requisite. Therefore, the responsibility of empowering Jammu and Kashmir rests on your shoulders and it is your responsibility to transform this campaign into a mass movement.

7. The G-20 meeting being held in Jammu and Kashmir in May this year is a message to the enemies of humanity who were attacking the interests of our citizens through cowardly acts of terrorism for decades. Jammu and Kashmir is the life blood of India. It is the guiding lamp of the civilization and eternal sound of our social consciousness. Under the able leadership of our Hon’ble Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi Ji, Jammu and Kashmir is standing tall with self-confidence, encompassing the great heritage and cultural values of the world’s largest republic. Today, Jammu and Kashmir is marching forward on the path to progress. I urge every section of the society to come forward and make the G-20 an inclusive event.

    1. Dear brothers and sisters, in the Amrit Kaal Khand, we have resolved to accelerate and broaden the developmental process in agriculture and allied sectors. The Apex Committee comprising of Agricultural Scientists has prepared a detailed plan to transform agriculture and allied sectors. This holistic plan of Rs. 5012 crore has been approved and training programs are being organized to implement 29 projects over the next five years. Our aim is to transform subsistence agriculture into sustainable commercial Agri-economy. Our emphasis is on ecosystem services, functional value chain, diversification, LO resilient, smart agricultural practices and farmer-community centric approach for holistic development of agriculture, which sustains 70% of the population of Jammu and Kashmir. We have been successful in ensuring dignity and prosperity of families of 13 Lakh farmers by implementing this plan.
    1. For the first time in the last seven decades of independence, Jammu and Kashmir is witnessing an Industrial Revolution. It has opened up doors of immense possibilities for the new generation. Private investment proposals worth Rs. 66,000 crore have been received within a period of around one year, during which 1455 industrial units started their operations. This is, by far, the biggest industrial campaign in the history of Jammu and Kashmir in a year.
    1. The foundation stone of Emaar Group Shopping Mall and IT Tower shall be laid in March, 2023 and 52 other industrial units will also start their operations during the same month. Further, land has been allotted to 1711 industrial units which is also a new record in the industrial history of Jammu and Kashmir. Another 77 industrial units are being developed on private land and in the last three years, 500 start-ups have come up which have ushered in a new social revolution. Sincere efforts are being made to revive the handloom and handicraft sector. We are committed to provide training, design, technology inputs like GI tag and such other infrastructural support as are required for quality, branding and boosting global demand for our handicraft products.
    1. For decades, the development and aspirations of common masses were held hostage by exploitative and anti-developmental land laws. Over the last two years, land owners have been empowered through a series of land reforms. Legal action is being taken against influential people who had illegally encroached upon the government.
    2. People are at the centre of governance. We have ensured that the interests of common citizens are protected and that they are not impacted by the campaign to remove illegal encroachments. We have been successful to a great extent in curbing corruption by issuing land passbooks in three languages. So far, 28 lakh such passbooks have been distributed, revenue records are being demystified for eliminating the possibility of manipulation. Through Aapki Zameen, Aapki Nigrani, land records have been made readily available to citizens, and the online revenue service delivery is preventing human intervention and mischief. Similarly, the new land-use laws have ensured that people get a reasonable and fair price for their land and the interest of famers are protected.
    1. Youth power is the strength of Jammu and Kashmir. Our youth are impatient and enthusiastic for rejuvenation of the Union territory. The administration has taken concrete steps to fully support our young men and women in building a bright future for themselves. Entrepreneurship certificates have been awarded to 75,000 young boys and girls on the eve of Republic Day and our talented young men and women are being provided with every possible assistance and training to start their own business ventures in manufacturing, services, retail, transport sector, handicraft, agri-allied and agri- infra sectors. In the last three years, 5.5 lakh youth have been empowered through Mission Youth, Financial Institutions and Central and State Government Institutions in this direction. “Yogyata se Rozgar” is the core mantra of the administration. In the last three years, 33,000 posts have been filled on the basis of merit and the decades-old practice, where jobs were sold to the highest bidder in the market, has been eliminated. I am aware that due to the harsh actions of the administration, job mafias are in disarray and they are attempting to incite sentiments of masses by spreading misinformation. I want to reiterate to our young men and women that no one will be allowed to compromise their future. The administration will ensure that merit is rewarded.
    1. Promotions of more than 2000 officers of important government departments which were stalled for more than two decades have been cleared by the Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission. The culture of stop-gap arrangements which plagued departments for decades is being brought to a gradual end and efficiency, ability and hard work of employees is being duly recognised. After a hiatus of 10 years, sixteen officers of the Jammu and Kashmir Administrative Services have been promoted to the Indian Administrative Services. Seniority disputes that raged on for 10 years were resolved, thus clearing the way for the promotion of 1000 administrative officers over the last two years. Ensuring full transparency in recruitments and cutting delays in the process of selection are other key areas of focus for the government. The declaration of result of the Jammu & Kashmir Administrative, Police & Account Service Examination, only eight hours after the last candidate was interviewed, sums up the resolve of the government for restoring prestige and sanctity of these prestigious institutions.
    1. Dear brothers and sisters, we have a vision for a glorious Jammu and Kashmir for which physical, economic and knowledge connectivity shall be the cornerstones. It is in that direction that 1 lac crore rupees has been earmarked for development of physical infrastructure. The vision envisages provision of all urban facilities in rural areas in 2023. The ranking of Jammu and Kashmir among the top performers in the implementation of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana is testimony to our efforts and hardwork. We are constructing 20 km road length and macadamizing 15 km. road length every day. 100 bridges are under construction for ending traffic congestion and improving connectivity in remote areas. The construction work on both the tube tunnels of the Jammu- Srinagar National Highway has started and work on several road infrastructure projects in both Jammu and Kashmir Divisions is going on at an unprecedented pace. So far 29 projects have been completed under Prime Minister’s Development Package (PMDP) and work on other projects has been accelerated. Taking important steps towards sustainable and inclusive development, Aspirational Block Development Programme is being implemented.
    1. We had inherited a regressive legacy in the power sector, marred by losses and poor infrastructure, however, unprecedented reforms have been launched to bolster and rejuvenate this ailing sector. The UT is likely to see a capacity addition of 3400 MW in the Hydro Power sector within few years from now. Availability of electricity has been enhanced in both Jammu and Kashmir Divisions. Revised Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS) is being implemented at a cost of Rs. 5641 Crore to ensure availability of quality power to all citizens. Although power generation, distribution and transmission sectors have seen substantial capacity addition, we still have a long way to go to achieve self- reliance and in this regard, I expect full cooperation from every section of the society.
    1. Even after independence, a large part of our population was deprived of the facility of clean drinking water for which “Har Ghar Nal se Jal” was conceived. Rigorous efforts in the implementation of the scheme have resulted in covering 58% of the population of the Union territory through tapped drinking water. I firmly believe that water conservation is an essential condition for socio-economic development, for which, 2341 Amrit Sarovars have been constructed and rejuvenated through public participation.
    1. In order to ensure doorstep delivery of Government services for the common citizens of the Union territory and for broad-based and inclusive development, two special initiatives, “My Town My Pride” and “Back to Village” programmes are being implemented. During the fourth phase of Back to Village programme, ‘Gram Panchayat Development Plans’ have been prepared for the current year and all Prabhari officers have been asked to monitor the implementation and to ensure achievement of targets of the Aspirational Town and Aspirational Panchayat programme. The cherished dream of providing affordable housing to the poor has been fulfilled through implementation of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, under which 1 lakh houses have so far been provided and another 1 lakh houses shall be completed in the next 6 months. Panchayats have been empowered to grant administrative approval for development works up to Rs. 1 crore. Social audit of MNREGA is being completed and training has been provided to 28,000 people’s representatives. Jammu and Kashmir has been ranked seventh in Mission ODF Plus and second in Gobar Dhan Mission in the country.
    1. Dear brothers and sisters, your health is our topmost priority. It is a matter of pride that Jammu and Kashmir has been included in the category of Best Performing Union territories in the implementation of Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana. Health Insurance cover has been provided to 97% of the population and 80 lakh golden cards have been issued. The Government is spending two crore rupees everyday on the treatment of common masses and our per person spending on health is higher than many developed States. The health indicators of the Union territory are over and above the national average on many parameters. 350 new health infrastructure projects are being built at a cost of Rs. 7000 crore and 2100 additional seats have been added in the field of medical education. In a short span of two years, we have increased the intake capacity for MBBS by 600 seats.
    1. Women are the backbone of our society. We are determined to provide equal opportunities to women in every field so that they are economically prosperous and enabled to play a bigger role in socio-economic progress. More than five and a half lakh women have been enrolled with Self Help groups established under the Rural Livelihood Mission, which are playing an important role in this direction. The participation of women from these groups in the Republic Day Parade today is a testimony to our commitment. Further, a Women Industrial Estate is being set up to promote women entrepreneurship in the Union territory. Jammu and Kashmir is second in the country after Andhra Pradesh to have launched this initiative. I specially thank Asha and Anganwadi sisters for their significant contribution in COVID-19 management and the subsequent vaccination campaign. In recognition of their dedication and commitment to public service, a comprehensive Human Resource Policy has been notified. To realize the mantra of ‘prosperity from cooperation’ in reality, 1000 new cooperative societies have been registered within the last year and three District Central Cooperative Banks have been revived. After 27 years, Apex Level Dairy Federation has been established in collaboration with 100 dairy cooperatives. The administration is determined to strengthen the cooperative movement in Jammu and Kashmir by taking it to the grassroot level.
    1. Tourism sector has a special place in the economy of Jammu and Kashmir. A record 1.88 crore tourists visited Jammu and Kashmir last year, which is the highest since independence. Keeping in view the increasing number of devotees coming to visit Mata Vaishno Devi, facilities & infrastructure are being strengthened. Construction work of Mantalai Wellness Center has been completed at a cost of Rs. 80 crore and the design of Katra Multi Modal Station has been finalized. The work on Tawi Riverfront is going on in full swing. In the last two years, Mansar and Surinsar have been placed on the tourism map of the country. This year Sanasar Tulip Garden shall be opened for local people and tourists. Similarly, work on conservation and renovation of 18 historical-cultural heritage sites in Jammu, Kathua, Ramban, Reasi, Samba and Udhampur shall commence shortly. Under the guidance of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, economic prosperity and local employment for the youth shall be enhanced under the Border Village Development Program. In April this year, Jambu Zoo shall be thrown open to the people. Home-stay Scheme has been launched with a view to foster employment generation and economic prosperity in rural areas. After the launch of the New Film Policy in 2021, Jammu and Kashmir has emerged as the favourite shooting destination for film industry and permission has been granted for shooting of 150 films and web series in less than two years.
    1. We are laying the foundation of a strong knowledge economy. The dedicated efforts of our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi have transformed Jammu city into a hub of educational institutions. Further, efforts are being made to improve the quality of school education and employment-oriented higher education through the National Education Policy. Necessary changes have been made in the education system to cater the human resource requirement of the fourth industrial revolution and digital economy of the twenty-first century. Jammu and Kashmir Higher Education Council will ensure that colleges and universities become hub of research and innovation and contribute in developing a highly skilled national human capital. An innovative education system is being developed through a uniform academic calendar, updated curriculum, robust research ecosystem, institutional restructuring, implementation of a three- tier feedback mechanism and digital initiatives like e-Samarth. 4841 students have been registered for general degree and professional courses under the Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme for the current financial year.
    1. After three decades of stagnation, schools were operational for 200 days last year, which is a statement of an emerging vibrant society that has broken free from shackles of the past. In the realm of school education, emphasis is being laid on increasing enrolment, access to quality education, retention and introduction of an educational framework that sparks curiosity in children, focuses on value based education and makes them passionate about studies. 70,000 children have been taken to classrooms through the “Aao School Chalein” campaign. We recorded a 17.87% increase in enrollment in the year 2022 through special focus on early child care and education. Our efforts have been rewarded with enrollment of 1 lakh 23 thousand children in 10 thousand schools. Mapping of out-of- school children is being done through search survey. Girls are being provided equal opportunities and resources for education and 32 new girl hostels have been started. 5 new residential hostels have been started for the underprivileged female students. Through initiatives like Mentorship Program, Digital Access, Virtual Reality Lab, Nishtha, Diksha, the field of school education is being made inclusive and commensurate to the needs of the 21st century. 40,000 tribal students are being provided education through 1873 Seasonal Centres with arrangements for waterproof tents and solar lights.
    1. Hon’ble Prime Minister has built a Jammu and Kashmir in which Tribal Communities are not only freed from economic deprivation, but are also enjoying the fruits of social justice. They have been vested with rights on water, forest and land through the Forest Rights Act. Van Dhan Vikas Self Help Groups, Van Dhan Vikas Kendras, Mini Sheep Farms and Dairy Units are being established for their sustainable livelihood. 300 tribal villages are being developed under Pradhan Mantri Adi Adarsh Yojana. The younger generation of the community has been brought into the mainstream of the nation through modern educational facilities, scholarships, new residential schools and skill development. Transport facilities are being made available to tribal families for the seasonal migration of their goods and cattle. Other social groups who were left behind in the developmental journey shall also be given the benefit of reservation on the recommendations of Backward Classes Commission. I want to assure everyone that there will be no conflict of interest on this path of progress.
    1. Sportspersons have an instinctive attraction to high ideals of development and adventurous pursuit of progress. With immense potential and unbridled talent, our young sportsmen and women are scaling new heights of success at various national and international tournaments. We are proud of the achievements of Vivrant Sharma, Yudhveer Singh Charak, Avinash Singh, Abhishek Jamwal, Adil Altaf, Bavleen Kaur, Muskaan Rana and Kirtharthi Kotwal. New infrastructure is being developed in all the districts to promote excellence in sports and Jammu and Kashmir is all set to host the National Winter Games again this year.
    1. Dear brothers and sisters, in just two years, we have laid the foundation of a new digital society and bridged the digital divide to a great extent. In the last one year, Jammu and Kashmir recorded 11 lakh e-transactions per day, which is about 48,000 e-transactions per hour. All applications for Government services have been made online from January 15th and 400 services have been integrated into the feedback mechanism for monitoring the quality of service. Further, 250 online services have been brought under the Public Service Guarantee Act to ensure delivery of these services within stipulated time frame and easy redressal of grievances through integration with the auto appeal system.
    1. “Equal opportunities, equal rights on resources and equal access to public facilities” is the basic mantra of our administration. Rigorous efforts are being made to provide all possible assistance to the specially-abled persons with a view to integrate them into the mainstream. The number of beneficiaries under various pension schemes has doubled as compared to 2014-15 and 100 percent saturation of all social welfare schemes has been achieved.
    1. Sustained efforts of our security agencies have resulted in a marked decrease in terrorist incidents in Jammu and Kashmir. The security grid has been strengthened and anti-terror operations have been intensified through direct attacks on the ecosystem that supports and finances terror. Last year, 180 terrorists were neutralized, or there has been a corresponding reduction of 55% in civilian killings and 58% in the martyrdom of security forces. A befitting reply is being given to narco-terrorists and seizures and arrests in Narco-terror cases have increased. During the Back to Village Programme, a drug-free Jammu and Kashmir campaign was organized in several identified panchayats. Those profiting from this vile business of death are to be blamed than those caught in the grip of drugs and the administration is determined to rehabilitate addicted youth. The promotion process of gazetted and non-gazetted cadres of the Jammu and Kashmir Police force has been streamlined and the promotion of officers of the J&K Prosecution Cadre which was pending for 10 years has been approved. Compassionate appointment of the next of kin of 200 martyrs was approved during the last year. Two 100-bedded hospital facilities are being constructed to look after the health of families of martyrs and ex-servicemen and Rs. 50 crore has been distributed for the welfare of the families of police and para-military forces.
    1. The foundations of social equality are being strengthened through a reformed policy structure. 15 percent reservation has been given to female candidates in direct recruitment against non-gazetted posts to provide proper representation to women. Similarly, Agniveers on completion of tenure with the Armed Forces shall be given 10% reservation in direct recruitment at the level of constable in the Jammu and Kashmir Police.
    1. The administration is trying to solve the problems of Kashmiri Pandit brothers and sisters with utmost sensitivity. Their safety is our topmost priority. All PM package and minority employees working in the Kashmir valley have been deployed at safe places. A nodal officer has been appointed in the Raj Bhavan and in every district to resolve issues related to their security and other problems. The long-standing issue of availability of land for their accommodations has been resolved, and construction of 3000 accommodations for our Kashmiri Pandit brothers and sisters shall be completed this year. On 20th of January, the foundation stone of another residential colony has been laid in Zevan, Srinagar, which shall resolve the problem of accommodation for employees posted in Srinagar city. All pending promotions of employees appointed under the Hon’ble PM Package have been cleared and the issue of promotions from non-gazetted to gazetted category has been forwarded to the Public Service Commission. The Kashmir Migrant Portal, which was launched in September last year for registering grievances for illegally encroached properties during the 1990s, has registered 8408 applications and action has been taken on 6336 applications, resulting in removal of encroachment on2608 kanals of land. Although, recruitment under the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s Package and reserved categories is on the strength Kashmir Division cadre, the issue of their transfer is being examined by an empowered committee.
    1. Dear brothers and sisters, the year 2022 was a year of achievements for Jammu and Kashmir. However, we have higher aspirations and bigger goals for future. We have to capitalize on the present opportunity and take a pledge to build a competitive Jammu and Kashmir which will be prosperous, safe and peaceful; where daughters are given equal rights and opportunities for development; where the rural and urban divide is diminished. Unitedly, we have to realize a fear-free, corruption-free, drug-free and employment-rich Union territory and build a glorious Jammu and Kashmir.
    1. Let us build a Jammu and Kashmir where not a single citizen feels deprived in any way, where voice of farmers, women, laborers and youth is heard and where they are equal stakeholders in the process of development. Let us build a Jammu and Kashmir where mantra of our priceless heritage, unity in diversity makes us stronger. Let us build a Jammu and Kashmir where every citizen of the society moves forward with confidence to fulfill the national goals and resolutions. Let us preserve the democratic values of the republic and the ancient heritage of our forefathers. Let us build a Jammu and Kashmir which offers limitless opportunities for every hardworking citizen. Let us build a Jammu and Kashmir of high achievers in every sphere. Let us dedicate ourselves to public service and move forward with the spirit of oneness with these words of Sohan Lal Dwivedi :

mann ka vishvaas ragon me saahas bharta hai,

chadhkar girna, girkar chadhna na akharta hai,

dubkiyaan sindhu me gotaakhor lagaata hai,

mutthee uskee khaalee har baar nahin hotee,

jab tak na saphal ho,

neend chain ko tyaago tum,

sangharsh ka maidaan chhod mat bhaago tum,

kuchh kiye bina hee jay-jayakaar nahin hotee,

koshish karne waalon kee haar nahin hotee,

koshish karne waalon kee haar nahin hotee.