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Sagar chairs a meeting to review arrangements for Youm-e-Shohada, death anniversary of Madar-e-Meharban

Eight In-Charge constituencies of Srinagar, along with block presidents attended the meeting

Srinagar, 08 July: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference  General Secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar presided over a meeting of Eight In-Charge constituencies of Srinagar, along with block presidents, at the party headquarters Nawai Subha.

During the meeting, arrangements for the upcoming  death anniversary observance of Madr-e-Meharban and 13th July Martyrs’ days were finalized.

In attendance at the meeting were prominent party members including Nasir Aslam Wani, Mubarak Gul, Muhammad Syed Akhoon, Tanvir Sadiq, Shahmeema Firdous, Irfan Shah, Ahsan Pardesi, Salman Sagar, Er. Sabiya Qadri, and Pir Afaq. The discussions were productive and focused on ensuring a successful and meaningful observance of these important events.

The party leaders said the unyielding thirst for dignity cannot be quenched by injustice, as demonstrated by the 13th July Martyrs who showed that non-violence and perseverance ultimately triumph over oppression and tyranny. 

The leaders  emphasised  that the sacrifices of the 13th July martyrs will forever serve as a guiding light in humanity’s quest for dignity and justice. 

“The bravehearts of 13th July sacrificed their lives to spark a movement against tyranny, inspiring countless oppressed Kashmiris to unite against injustice. The 13th of July stands as a day for the people of Kashmir to reaffirm their dedication to combating evil with compassion, non-violence, and peace,” they said.

The leaders said Youm-e-Shohada is a pivotal chapter in the history of Kashmir that  marks a significant turning point that forever altered the course of the region’s destiny.

“The events that unfolded on this day have left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of the Kashmiri people, shaping their identity and defining their struggle for justice, democracy and equality.”they noted.