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SC Directs Makers of ‘The Kerala Story’ to Add Disclaimer, Stay on Ban Continues

18-05-2023 : The West Bengal government’s decision to outlaw the movie “The Kerala Story” was overturned by the Supreme Court of India. The order issued by the additional secretary of West Bengal should be stayed, according to Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud, who claimed that the prohibition imposed by West Bengal is not morally justifiable. The Supreme Court also ordered the film’s creators to add a suitable notice on the unsupported figure of “32,000” that is referenced in the movie.

Representing the film producers, Senior Advocate Harish Salve informed the court that a disclaimer will be added stating that there is no authentic data supporting the suggestion that the figure of conversions is 32,000 or any other established number. The disclaimer will also clarify that the film represents a fictionalized version of the issue.

Regarding the alleged ‘shadow ban’ of the film in Tamil Nadu, the Supreme Court stated that additional security can be provided for every cinema hall in Tamil Nadu, and necessary arrangements can be made for moviegoers who wish to watch the film. The court further emphasized that no steps should be taken by Tamil Nadu or its officers, including the police, to prevent the screening of the film.

The Supreme Court’s decision to stay the ban on ‘The Kerala Story’ and its directive to include a disclaimer aims to protect the freedom of expression while addressing concerns related to factual accuracy. The court’s intervention ensures that the film can be screened without hindrance, allowing viewers to form their own opinions based on the fictionalized narrative presented in the film.