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Shri Ram Sena expresses grave concern over unscrupulous attempt to commercialize Jogi Gate Cremation Ground

JAMMU, Sep 10: Shri Ram Sena, Jammu and Kashmir, has raised a serious alarm concerning the ongoing attempts by unscrupulous elements to convert the hallowed Jogi Gate cremation ground in Prem Nagar, Jammu, into a commercial complex.

In a statement released today, Rajiv Mahajan, President of Shri Ram Sena, Jammu & Kashmir, voiced his deep concerns over the alarming construction activities occurring in close proximity to the main entrance of the historic Jogi Gate.

Mahajan expressed his dismay, revealing that some unscrupulous elements are actively engaged in constructing shops on the sacred ground of Jogi Gate cremation ground. These shops had previously been demolished by the Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) under the leadership of the then JMC Commissioner, Avny Lavasa. The demolition was carried out due to the construction work being initiated without the requisite permissions.

Mahajan said that previous shops constructed on the land of Jogi Gate were sold to individuals under the pretext of ‘Pagri,’ with these shops subsequently being falsely categorized as ‘Karayanama’ or rental basis in official records.

Mahajan expressed his apprehension that if the ongoing illegal construction work at Jogi Gate is not promptly stopped by the administration, these unscrupulous elements may succeed in selling these shops at exorbitant prices, only to have them deceitfully categorized as ‘Karayanama’ once again.

Additionally, Rajiv Mahajan also called upon these unscrupulous elements to desist from their efforts to raise illegal construction on this sacred place. He emphasized the universal truth that everyone, regardless of their background or beliefs, ultimately covers their last journey at a cremation ground.

Furthermore, he stressed that the preservation of cultural and sacred sites is not just a responsibility of the government and authorities but a collective duty shared by all members of society. He urged the community to come together in protecting the heritage and legacy of Jogi Gate for the benefit of present and future generations.

Rajiv Mahajan appealed to the Lt Governor to intervene in this matter and direct the authorities concerned to take immediate action to stop ongoing illegal construction at Jogi Gate.