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State Investigating Unit Conducts Raids in Doda, Searches Houses of Ex-filtrated Terrorists in Pakistan and PoK

20-05-2023 : The State Investigating Unit (SIU) of Jammu and Kashmir police carried out a series of raids in the Gandoh belt of Doda district, targeting the houses of terrorists who had ex-filtrated to Pakistan and Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (PoK). This operation, conducted by the Special Investigation Unit Doda, was undertaken in connection with a case registered at the Gandoh Police Station.

Under the leadership of Senior Superintendent of Police Abdul Qayoom, the SIU Doda meticulously searched the residences of local terrorists who were presently operating from Pakistan and PoK. These individuals were identified as Atta Mohd alias Adil Mubassir from Tanta Kahara, Mohd Yasir alias Shahid from Kunthal Tanta, Mohd Shafi alias Nadeem Bhai from Trinkal tehsil Kahara, Amjid Ali alias Rashid from Trinkal Kahara, and Majid Hussain alias Abu Zahid Saqib from Manoie tehsil Chilli Pingal Gandoh.

These local terrorists had ex-filtrated to Pakistan or PoK in the early 90s and were currently involved in attempts to revive militancy in the Doda district. They used various virtual means to contact local youth and instigate them to join the ranks of militancy.

According to SSP Abdul Qayoom, the evidence and clues uncovered during the raids and searches will be crucial for the ongoing investigation. This valuable information will aid in identifying the supporters and sympathizers of terrorists who serve as Over Ground Workers (OGWs) for these terrorist organizations. The OGWs will be held accountable for their involvement in assisting the terrorists’ activities.

The SIU’s raids and thorough searches in the Doda district demonstrate the professional and dedicated approach of the Jammu and Kashmir police in combating terrorism and maintaining law and order. These operations serve as a strong deterrent to those attempting to disrupt peace and security in the region. The police will continue to work relentlessly to identify and neutralize any individuals or groups involved in terrorist activities, ensuring the safety and well-being of the local population.