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Take lessons from Parshuram’s unwavering dedication towards righteousness, truth: Kavinder

JAMMU: Senior BJP leader and former Deputy Chief Minister Kavinder Gupta on Friday asked people to take lessons from Bhagwan Parshuram’s unwavering dedication towards truth, righteousness and pursuit of justice.
Earlier, the BJP stalwart leader took part in the impressive Shobha Yatra taken out on the eve of Parshuram Jayanti here.
On the sidelines of the Yatra, the BJP senior functionary said that Parshuram was a staunch upholder of dharma (righteousness) and is often depicted as someone who stood up against injustice and tyranny.
“His life teaches the importance of standing up for what is right, even in the face of adversity, which is true in today’s world also”, he said, adding that people should toe his principles to lead a life with dignity.
Kavinder said that the life of Bhagwan Parshuram teaches about the importance of dedication and perseverance in achieving the goals of life. He said that Hindu culture is a treasure wherein there are numerous examples of such heroes from whom people can learn the virtues of life to make their life journeys meaningful and complete. He said that the life of Bhagwan Parshuram offers many valuable lessons for people, including the importance of righteousness, humility, discipline, forgiveness, and environmental stewardship.
Kavinder emphasized the contemporary relevance of Bhagwan Parshuram’s principles, particularly in confronting the challenges posed by anti-national forces working against the interests of the country. He underscored the need for a modern-day embodiment of Parshuram’s resolve to combat the disruptive forces that threaten the unity and integrity of the nation. He urged the people to draw inspiration from Parshuram’s unwavering commitment to righteousness and justice, advocating for a collective effort to uphold the values that safeguard the nation’s prosperity and security.