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Tony urges LG Sinha to take stern action against high-profile sharks running land mafia in J&K

Strong condemns brutal, coldblooded murder of Avtar Singh in presence, connivance of SI Puneet, SHO Harvinder

JAMMU: Taranjit Singh Tony, DDC Suchetgarh urged the Lieutenant Governor (LG) Manoj Sinha, Director General of Police (DGP), and Chief Secretary to address the escalating issue of land disputes perpetrated by corrupt revenue officials in collusion with land grabbers. He emphasized the urgent need for a Special Investigation Team (SIT) comprising top-level officials and individuals known for their integrity and dedication in Jammu district to probe these disputes thoroughly.

In a statement issued here today, Tony strongly condemned the brutal, cold-blooded murder of Avtar Singh, S/o Balbir Singh in Greater Kailash area that occurred in broad-day light in presence and under the connivance of Sub-Inspector Puneet Sharma and Station House Officer Harvinder Singh.

Expressing grave concern over the rampant corruption plaguing the administration, Tony advocated for swift and decisive action to hold accountable those responsible for perpetuating this injustice. He stressed the imperative of establishing a deterrent against such nefarious activities, which have led to tragic incidents of daylight murders in the presence of law enforcement.

In his plea to LG Sinha, Tony underscored the necessity of conducting a comprehensive combing operation to root out corrupt elements from public service and treat them with the severity they deserve. He urged the compilation of a list identifying corrupt revenue, police, and influential bureaucrats complicit in land grabbing schemes targeting vulnerable communities with legitimate land ownership.

Highlighting the plight of innocent citizens who have fallen victim to these fraudulent practices despite completing the requisite legal procedures, Tony called upon the government to take stringent action against high-profile individuals involved in such malfeasance. He sought action against such persons orchestrating land grabbing in J&K similar to the government’s proactive measures against narco smugglers and terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir by seizing their properties.

Tony asserted the imperative of establishing specialized investigative teams in every district to alleviate the suffering inflicted by the pervasive land grabbing scams. He mentioned the involvement of influential figures from the judicial system, law enforcement, and civil and revenue administration in perpetuating the land mafia’s activities, calling for a comprehensive dossier to be prepared for scrutiny by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

In a decisive move to expose the individuals behind the land mafia, Tony disclosed to convene a press conference imminently. He pledged to unveil the identities of those masquerading as guardians of the law while preying on the vulnerable, urging the public to stand united against this insidious threat to justice and equity.

Tony sought stern action against the big sharks of the land mafia, whoever they may be, whether from the Police or Revenue Department, emphasizing the necessity of weeding them out to restore the faith of the people in the government.