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Transforming Kashmir into a Smart City: Showcasing the Region’s Beauty for the G20 Summit

G20 Summit in Kashmir: A Turning Point for Trade and Tourism

17-05-2023: The largest international summit of the year will take place from May 22 to May 24 at the Sher-e-Kashmir International Conference Centre (SKICC), which is situated on the gorgeous Dal Lake shoreline. As a result of the event’s significance, Srinagar has become a smart city, giving the celebration some attraction and historical significance. The lovely valley of Kashmir is enthusiastically getting ready to receive visitors from various countries as preparations for the third meeting of the G20 tourism working group near completion.

The upcoming G20 summit is expected to have a profound and positive impact on trade and tourism in the area. The iconic Dal Lake, renowned for its ethereal beauty, is being adorned with exquisite decorations, while the Shikaras, the traditional open boats, are receiving fresh coats of paint. Hotel owners, travel agents, and other professionals in the tourism industry are optimistic that this event will effectively showcase Kashmir as a global tourist destination.

The head of the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI), Javid Ahmad Tenga, acknowledges the economic importance of the worldwide event for Kashmir. He observes that during the previous three decades, there has been a relatively small migration of high-end travellers from American and European nations. The G20 meeting provides a chance to encourage prospective international visitors to visit Kashmir by spreading a favourable message about the area. In turn, this will enhance the region’s handicrafts, trade, and other economic sectors in addition to the tourism industry.

The G20 meeting is seen as a stimulant for the travel and tourist industry in the area, according to Mushtaq Chaya, chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir Hoteliers Club. He agrees that many G20 nations are currently issuing unfavourable travel warnings for Kashmir. Hosting the summit, however, will deliver a strong message that the region is secure for travellers from those nations. It is hoped that by encouraging these countries to change their minds and remove any unfavourable travel warnings, this event will have a profoundly positive effect on the local economy and tourism sector.

President of the Kashmir Travel Agents Association (KTAA), Farooq Kuthoo, emphasises the value of the G20 summit in exhibiting the area’s friendliness and drawing in tourists from abroad. Since there is already a sizable stream of domestic tourists, he thinks it will improve Kashmir’s standing as a top international travel destination. The occasion offers a chance to make a good first impression and entice returning visitors.

The Chairman of the Tourist Trade Interest Guild (TTIG), Bashir Ahmad, appreciates how keen foreign tourists are to see Kashmir’s natural beauty. He does, however, point out that several foreign countries have issued unfavourable travel advisories, leading potential tourists to cancel their vacations because Kashmir does not offer travel insurance coverage. The hopeful prediction is that many countries would change their minds and remove their travel advisories after the G20 conference, allowing visitors to visit Kashmir and take advantage of insurance coverage that was previously restricted.

Certainly, the upcoming G20 summit in Kashmir holds immense promise for the region’s tourism industry and economy. By showcasing Kashmir as a safe and attractive destination to a global audience, the event has the potential to revitalize the influx of high-end international tourists. The collective efforts of stakeholders, government administration, and international collaborations will be crucial in ensuring a successful summit that leaves a lasting positive impact on the region’s tourism sector, economy, and global perception.

The G20 Summit in Kashmir has ignited hopes and expectations within the region’s tourism industry. Stakeholders firmly believe that this international event will bring about a positive impact on Kashmir’s tourism sector by attracting high-end tourists, dispelling negative travel advisories, promoting the region as an international tourist destination, and addressing challenges related to travel insurance. As preparations continue and excitement builds, Kashmir’s tourism industry eagerly awaits the summit, anticipating a transformative moment that will propel the region into a brighter future of sustainable tourism growth and economic prosperity.