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Unmanned Drone Attack on Israel-Linked Merchant Vessel Sparks Emergency Response Off India’s West Coast

23-12-2023 : A drone attack targeted an Israel-affiliated merchant vessel in the Indian Ocean off India’s west coast, resulting in a fire that was promptly extinguished without casualties among the 20-member crew, predominantly composed of Indians. The Liberian-flagged chemical tanker, carrying crude oil, experienced structural damage, with some water intake. The incident occurred 200 km southwest of Veraval, India. The vessel had recently visited Saudi Arabia and was en route to India. The Indian Coast Guard responded to the distress call, dispatching the ICGS Vikram to the scene.

The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations reported that an Uncrewed Aerial System conducted the attack, and investigations are underway. The ship temporarily turned off its tracking system post-incident. The Indian Navy, Coast Guard, and maritime authorities are actively involved in managing the aftermath and ensuring the vessel’s safety. This incident follows recent maritime security concerns in the region, emphasizing the need for heightened vigilance and coordinated responses.