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Amar Mahal Museum’s Golden Jubilee: Celebrating 50 Years with a Focus on Preservation and Reframing of Priceless Art Collections


JAMMU: The Amar Mahal Museum in Jammu is currently undertaking a comprehensive professional reframing exercise aimed at enhancing the display and preservation of its esteemed Nala Damayanti collection of Pahari Miniature Paintings and the contemporary art collection which includes works by Sobha Singh, G.R. Santosh and M.F. Hussain.

Dr. Jyotsna Singh, Director of Amar Mahal Museum informed that the ongoing reframing exercise at Amar Mahal Museum marks a significant effort to safeguard and preserve the rich artistic heritage housed within its walls. She said that the exercise includes archival mounting and framing techniques that are being meticulously employed to ensure the longevity and protection of these invaluable artworks and this meticulous process involves the use of acid-free and lignin-free materials to prevent yellowing and deterioration over time. Dr. Jyotsna Singh further said that UV-filtering glass and acrylic are being utilized to shield the paintings from harmful light exposure, thus safeguarding their delicate pigments and ensuring they retain their original vibrancy.

Rk. Martand Singh, Trustee of Amar Mahal Museum and the Hari Tara Charitable Trust emphasized the importance of this endeavor, stating, “The reframing of our Nala Damayanti collection and Contemporary Art Collection is not merely about aesthetic enhancement but also about our commitment to preserving our art, creative and cultural legacy for future generations. Each painting tells a story of our heritage, and it is our responsibility to protect and present them in the best possible manner.”

Rk. Martand Singh further said “The meticulous attention to detail in this reframing project reflects Amar Mahal Museum’s dedication to maintaining international standards of conservation and exhibition. Visitors can expect an enriched viewing experience as these artworks are thoughtfully reframed to highlight their artistic intricacies while ensuring their long-term preservation. This is our effort to best showcase and protect the valuable and unique art heritage housed at Amar Mahal Museum and has been executed by famous Delhi based ‘Ahuja Framers’ run by Shri Ram Murti Ahuja.”

Located in the heart of Jammu, Amar Mahal Museum is an iconic landmark of the city in terms of tourism and heritage. It is renowned for its exquisite collection of Pahari Miniature Paintings and artifacts that reflect the cultural heritage of the region. The Museum also comprises a library of 25,000 antique books, many rare art collections, and a large collection of portraits collected over the past century by the Dogra Maharajas of Jammu & Kashmir. It would be important to note that 2024-25 marks the completion of the Golden Jubilee, 50 years of the Amar Mahal Museum which was inaugurated and established in 1975 by Dr. Karan Singh in the presence of Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi.