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Bari Brahmana Industries Association Seeks MD’s Intervention on Power Disruptions, Financial Losses Mount

Massive Damage to Power Infrastructure in Bari Brahmana Industrial Complex

JAmmu, 09-12-2023: An urgent meeting of the Members of the Bari Brahmana Industries Association was held today under the Chairmanship of Sh. Lalit Mahajan President BBIA in the presence of Sh. Tarun Singla Sr. Vice President, Sh. Ajay Langer Vice President, Sh. Viraaj Malhotra General Secretary, Sh. Rajesh Jain Secretary and Sh. Vivek Singhal Treasurer BBIA Association and other members of the Association to discuss the issue regarding the disruption in the Power supply to number of units since last 24 Hours as massive damage to the Power Supply Infrastructure due to a fire occurred at BB-1 Receiving Station.


During discussions, members present in the meeting raised serious concerns about the casual attitude of the PDD department regarding the maintenance of the receiving station as the cables are lying in an open area surrounded by bushes as the department failed to provide the requisite funds for the regular maintenance of receiving stations resulting frequent break down of power reported due to which the Industrial Units are suffering very badly as they have to spent lakh of rupees for the purchase of diesel during the production on DG Sets.

 It is pertinent to mention here that Industries located in Bari Brahmana contribute approx. Rs. 175 Crores per annum towards the Cost of Power supplied to the Industrial Area & if an allocation of 1% of the total revenue collection earmark for the maintenance of the receiving stations of Bari Brahmana, such type of incidents may not happen but the Department is not serious about the maintenance of regular Power Supply of the Complex due to which the Industrial Units as well as Department suffering huge financial losses due to frequent breakdown. We request Sh. Shiv Anant Tayal, IAS Managing Director, JPDCL, Jammu for his kind intervention into the matter & request to depute the officials of the department to take appropriate action for providing requisite manpower to clean the identified areas of receiving stations that are more prone to fire incidents to avoid such type of happening in near future.