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Battle for J&K: Congress Criticizes BJP’s Pro-Rich Agenda, Vows to Prioritize Common Man

Solanki and Yadav Lead Charge Against BJP, Advocate for People-Centric Governance

Jammu, 03-04-2024 : Former Union Minister and senior AICC leader Bharat Singh Solanki, in charge of J&K affairs for the party, criticized the Modi-led BJP government, accusing it of working primarily for the wealthy while neglecting the common people. Solanki emphasized the need for change, asserting that the current administration under BJP rule has exacerbated the hardships faced by ordinary citizens.

Speaking at a well-attended gathering in Jammu’s Bagh-e-Bahu area, alongside AICC Joint Secretary Manoj Yadav in support of Congress candidate Raman Bhalla, Solanki lambasted the BJP for its policies, which he argued have made life increasingly difficult for the poor. He contrasted the Congress’s record of investing in infrastructure across various sectors, such as roads, healthcare, and education, with the BJP’s focus on taxing the common populace while favoring the interests of the affluent.

Solanki commended Raman Bhalla, the Congress candidate, for his dedication to serving the people and highlighted his popularity among ordinary citizens.

Manoj Yadav echoed Solanki’s sentiments, urging the electorate to hold the BJP accountable for its actions, particularly its decision to downgrade Jammu and Kashmir to a Union Territory, which he claimed had deprived the region of its rights to land, jobs, and resources. Yadav emphasized the disillusionment among Jammu’s youth with the BJP’s policies, which he argued have adversely affected their prospects for the future.

Yadav warned against what he described as the BJP’s authoritarian tendencies, likening its approach to democracy to that of countries like China and Russia. He expressed confidence in the Congress party and the India Alliance, asserting that they would emerge victorious in the election as people reject the BJP’s attempts to undermine democratic principles.

Raman Bhalla, in his address, criticized the BJP for transforming Jammu from a city known for its temples into a center for liquor consumption and for favoring outside contractors over local interests. Bhalla highlighted the burden placed on the people of Jammu due to various taxes imposed by the BJP government, including those on power, water, and tolls. He emphasized the adverse impact of BJP policies on the youth of Jammu and criticized the administration for treating J&K as an experimental ground.

The rally, organized by the Block Committee under the leadership of Latish Sharma and the District Congress Committee (DCC) Jammu Urban led by Manmohan Singh, saw participation from senior leaders of Congress and NC, including Ravinder Sharma, Yogesh Sawhney, and Bimla Luthra, among others. The speakers collectively denounced the BJP’s governance style, characterizing it as dictatorial and oppressive, and pledged to work towards restoring the rights and welfare of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.




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