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BJP all set to regain power in Rajasthan with thumping majority

Yogi, Kavinder address rally in poll bound Lalsote constituency

LALSOTE (RAJASTHAN): Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath and former deputy Chief Minister J&K, Kavinder Gupta on Monday held a rally in poll bound Lalsote constituency in Rajasthan’s Dausa District seeking people’s mandate for the BJP candidates in fray in the State.
Yogi, while taking head on the present Congress regime for its hopeless policies which led to sufferings of the common man in Rajasthan, said that BJP is the only hope for the people and that is the reason everyone is eagerly waiting for replacing bad government with the people-friendly BJP regime. He highlighted the issues of rampant corruption, uncontrolled crime especially against women folks with no one bothering to provide justice.
The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, said that the Congress tenure in Rajasthan has set an example of worst ever governance in the country as such lawlessness was never seen by the people in the history of India as defunct leadership has created free for all situation in every nook and corner of the State. He however maintained that BJP is all set to clean sweep assembly polls and regain power with stunning majority.
Kavinder Gupta, senior BJP functionary from J&K, said that the people are fed up of the phlegmatic government in the State as common man has been left with no option to raise his plight because those enjoying access to power corridor are least bothered to provide Roti, Kapda, Makan and Samman to masses. He said that the prevailing situation in Rajasthan is like that of Monarchs reining the public with no say of the people.
Kavinder said democracy has been decayed under Gehlot Government and there is no one to listen to issues and problems of poor, women, old and the youth as all are suffering alike with only hope that BJP will bring the much desired change.
“All eyes are on December 3, 2023, when the lotus will bloom and uplift the people marred with indifferent policies of Congress leadership”, he maintained adding that a vote for BJP is vote for good governance in Rajasthan.