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Defeat communal and divisive agenda of BJP – Vikar Rasool, Bhalla

Massive Congress March at Rajouri Town.

Rajouri, March 15 :  A massive Hath Se Hath Jodo Yatra/protest rally was taken out in Rajouri led by JKPCC Chief Vikar Rasool Wani and Working President Raman Bhalla accompanied by Chief Spokesperson JKPCC Ravinder Sharma, Shabir Khan Vice Chairman DDC Rajouri, from  Punja Chowk Jawaharnagar  to Gujjar Mandi- Abdullah bridge at Rajouri city .

The rally was organized by DCC President Rajouri Shabir Ahmed Khan and attended by Refugee Cell Congress Chairman Amrit Bali,  Sajad Tariq, Anil Chopra, Shakeel Mir, Rajesh Gupta, Pushpinder Gupta, Lalit Mahajan, Molvi Gulzar, Javed Choudhary,  Saleem Akhtar,  Rattan Lal Metha, Bal Krishan Sharma, Nusalulla Mirza, Block President, Sarpanch, Panch, DDC-BDC Members  besides others.

Speaking on the occasion, Wani said that people are now joining Hath Se Hath Jodo campaign in large numbers after Bharat Jodo Yatra. He said that in order to save the democracy in the country today, the Congress is successfully fulfilling the initiative it has taken to remove the politics of fear and pressure of the BJP from the minds of the people. He said that the main aim of the Congress is to strengthen mutual brotherhood in the society and it will continue to achieve it. Lambasting the government, Wani said that without an elected government J&K and its people are being neglected and overlooked, he said. Wani said that the BJP regime has antagonized all sections of people whether it is the youth, government employees, women or even children, this government has hurt every section of the society. Expressing his anguish over “mounting problems” of the common masses, Wani said that during last nine years the union government has done nothing to solve basic problems of the people.

Referring to J&K Wani  said, “Ideally, political and ideological differences should have been put aside while dealing with the sensitive region.” The major stress of the government should have been on assuaging misery of the unemployed youth who have grown up in conflict, Wani said and expressed disappointment over BJP’s “lip-service” regarding burning issues of J&K. He termed their governance as “futile exercise to reach out to the common man and address public issues.”He said that the BJP government is turning a blind eye towards the apprehensions and concerns of people of J&K, especially Jammu region. Taking a dig at the Central government, he claimed that Jammu region is reeling under shortage of various basic requirements but government is “unmoved.”He said that there is “total chaos and confusion” among people as BJP leadership has failed to remove peoples’ apprehensions.

Bhalla in his address asked the central government when it would ensure a congenial atmosphere for elections to take place in Jammu and Kashmir and elect a government of the people in the state. He also accused the BJP of failing to read the pulse of J&K people and said it cannot shun and run away from owning the responsibility of creating this mess and back-stabbing the people of Jammu and Kashmir. “The directionless, agenda-less and clueless policy of the BJP government has left the people of Jammu and Kashmir in complete despair and this is a grave national concern. BJP govt lacks economic roadmap for inclusion and progress for the people of J&K, said Bhalla. Bhalla said soaring unemployment in J&K is a serious concern. He said people of J&K are hugely disappointed against this insensitive Govt for ignoring them completely and making them suffer for everything. The mess created by Govt has resulted in total administrative failure in the Jammu division”, Bhalla said.

The ongoing uncertainty has severely damaged the prospect of a stable economy. And the rising unemployment puts the final nail in the coffin of economic stability. The job markets have been pushed to the edge, both in the public and private sector, with no fresh opportunities visible. As J&K doesn’t have a vibrant private sector in place, the burden of employment ultimately falls on the public sector, which, unfortunately, it is unable to tackle as the absorption rate is low, he said. The government and its various departments do not seem, at all, serious about these rising figures. There are not enough or even requisite posts advertised in the government departments, and even, if advertised, they are never worked out effectively – lack of proper schedules and criteria, relapsing of the advertisements as per their whims, corruption, backdoor entries, favouritism etc  are the main loopholes, added Bhalla.Bhalla said the Congress is extremely concerned and pained by the developments in Jammu and Kashmir. “We caution the BJP government to correct its flawed approach and work for rebuilding the trust and restoration of normalcy in J&K,” he said.

Chief Spokesperson JKPCC Ravinder Sharma criticized ‘the wrong policies adopted by the BJP government at Centre and said the it is fully responsible for the damages caused to Jammu and Kashmir’s economy, trade and tourism sector, besides failing to address development issues and vowed to continue to expose the misadventures of the BJP Govt in public domain.’ He also expressed serious concern ‘over the hardships confronting people due to the rising unemployment, price hike and various other issues of public importance’, saying that Govt is ‘non- serious with regard to people’s hardships, deviating from the real issues in order to hide its failures and false promises.’ Criticizing the BJP Government, he alleged that the its policy of putting core political issues on the back burner did not auger well for the prospects of peace and stability within J&K.

 Shabir Khan Vice Chairman DDC Rajouri claimed that recent decisions have created a sense of despondency and restlessness that could have far-reaching, adverse implications for the next generation. Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed a prolonged period of political unrest and turmoil. J&K cannot be starved of political engagement and initiatives to bring the disgruntled and disillusioned elements into the fold of our democratic processes and systems, he said. Khan said the continued failure of BJP to articulate the need for political engagement with internal and external stakeholders is a threat to the fragile peace in J&K that has been earned after years of political persistence. Former Minister expressed utter disappointment over BJP Govt’s failure to touch burning issues of J&K and so far has not reached out to the common man to address public issues.