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Drugs-a gateway to destruction: Swami Shri Rajeshwaranand

Seeks LG’s intervention, asks youth to stay away from drugs

JAMMU: Jai Deva Mission Founder Swami Shri Rajeshwaranand Ji Maharaj and Shiv Sena (UBT) Jammu and Kashmir Unit President Manish Sahni expressed deep concern over the increasing drug trade and growing number of youth getting trapped in drug addiction in the city of temples, Jammu. They sent a message to the youth to stay away from drugs and demanded the enforcement of prohibition in Jammu and Kashmir.
During a program organized at the Shiv Sena state office in Jammu today, Swami Rajeshwaranand Ji Maharaj and Manish Sahni jointly addressed the media and expressed their deep concern over the rising activities of drug traffickers in the city of temples and the growing addiction among the youth.
Swami Rajeshwaranand addressed the youth, stating that “Nasha Naash ka Dwara Hai” (Drugs are the gateway to destruction). He emphasized that the more drugs penetrate into their lives, the more they get immersed in the clutches of destruction.
Similarly, Sahni mentioned that there is an abundance of liquor shops in the city of temples, which is the first step towards addiction. Along with that, the activity of trafficking drugs like charas, bhukki, and heroin is also increasing day by day. The future and lives of the youth, who are addicted to drugs, are in danger.
Sahni highlighted the growing attraction of youth towards Western culture and hookah, which is proving to be the cause of the destruction of our cultural identity. Out of the total population of 13 million in Jammu and Kashmir, approximately 10 lakhs people have fallen prey to the addiction to drugs. Saints, sages, holy men, and even the heavens on earth known as Jammu and Kashmir are being rapidly captured by the drug trade, he added.
Swami Rajeshwaranand Ji Maharaj and Manish Sahni have requested the youth to stay away from drugs and urged the Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha to enforce strict prohibition of drugs in Jammu and Kashmir and take stern action against the elements involved in the drug trafficking.