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Exploring the True Essence of Beauty: ‘Miss World Undeclared’ Takes the Stage at Natrang Studio

Jammu 18-02-2024:‘Miss World Undeclared’, a play in Hindi, written by Satyendra Shrivastava and directed by Neeraj Kant, was staged here today at Natrang’s Studio Theatre Kachi Chawni in its Weekly Theatre Series, Sunday Theatre. Mrs Varsha Jain wife of ADG Police Jammu zone was the Chief Guest on the occasion who appreciated the performance of young artists and complemented Natrang for providing training and performance opportunities to the enthusiastic new entrants in the world of theatre.

The play ‘Miss World Undeclared’ presented at Natrang Studio unfolds the sad saga of all those people, particularly Asians who reside in developed European Countries and are subject to racial discrimination and hatred from the natives as they think their resources are shared and reduced by them. This was shown from the point of view of a school-going girl, ‘Noorie’ who was regularly bullied by her classmates who have fair complexion. They tease her for not being as beautiful as them to the extent that she decides to discontinue her education. But her mother, a very wise lady, makes her realize that the criteria for being beautiful is not being fair or having external beauty, the real beauty is internal beauty and anyone with a good heart and calm mind is much more beautiful than those people who are just externally good looking. Motivated by her mother, she goes to school and comes back very happy as on that day the result of the Miss World pageant gets declared and the winner was an Indian girl. The play ends with a positive and inspirational note that “it does not matter how we look but it really matters what we are” and that is the key to real and eternal happiness.

Natrang’s young artists who presented a remarkable performance included Mehak Chib as ‘Noorie’ and Vandana Thakur as ‘Mother’.  Lights were designed and operated by Neeraj Kant whereas the music was scored by Chaitanya Shekhar. The show was coordinated by Mohd. Yaseen.





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